5 Signs It’s Time for a Hearing Test

April 22, 2019

It’s really no different to going in for your annual eye exam. Getting your hearing test regularly ensures you don’t miss out on any aspect of your life. 

If there is a problem, it can be addressed and fixed. Quite similar to getting a pair of glasses to help you see better.

Even if you do have some hearing loss, it’s important to understand that sometimes hearing loss is temporary. Because it may be the result of an infection, medications you are taking or even a buildup of ear wax.

If your hearing loss isn’t temporary there are some really great options available today to help you hear better, discretely! 

Here are 5 signs that your hearing test may be over due:

  1. You suddenly need to turn the volume up on your t.v., radio, etc. Don’t let this sneak up on you, or tell yourself it’s not your hearing it’s the program you’re watching!
  2. You may realise it or your spouse points it out to you. Lately you don’t seem to like social activities. This can be sign of a hearing loss. It’s very common for people to retreat from social settings if they can’t hear what’s going on around them. 
  3. Your new favorite word is “what”. Sometimes people really do mumble and it’s difficult to make out what they’re saying. And sometimes the noise around you can make it difficult to hear. If this starts happening frequently throughout your day,. it’s likely you have something going on with your hearing. 
  4. You start having trouble hearing women and children.  Women and children speak at higher frequencies, which are often the first to diminish.
  5. Where is that sound coming from? If you have trouble determining where a sound is coming from, it may indicate some hearing loss in one ear.

The point I really want to make is that hearing loss can be treated. The sooner you seek help for your hearing loss the less negative impact it will have on your life.

To book a hearing test with us hearing at Harmony Hearing & Audiology simply call us on 1800 020 406. Or email via our online form https://harmonyhearing.com.au/book-an-appointment/

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