Phonak — a renowned world leader in hearing aid and cochlea implant technology — offers exceptional Phonak hearing aids in Australia, celebrated worldwide for their advanced technologies and unrivalled quality. Founded in 1947, Phonak is a Swiss company under the Sonova group, regarded as one of the best hearing aid brands in the world, with continual releases of new Phonak hearing aid models to this day. Phonak hearing aids cater exceptionally well to those with severe to profound hearing loss.

Some of the best Phonak Australia hearing aids include the Phonak Audeo Lumity — known for its speech understanding in background noise — and the Audeo Paradise, which introduced a sleeker aesthetic shape. But that’s not all; here are just a few key features of the best Phonak hearing aid models available in Australia today:

  • Automatic operating systems, Auto Sense 5.0, and updated Stereo Zoom 2.0 for better speech understanding in noise.
  • Speech Sensors allow 360-degree speech detection for improved hearing from all directions.
  • Phonak hearing aids have universal connectivity to Bluetooth devices.
  • Health data tracking with the MyPhonak App.
  • Rechargeable devices with quick charging options.

With cutting-edge technology and user-centric design, Phonak consistently delivers optimal solutions for hearing loss and hearing conditions. Check out Phonak’s Australia product range at Harmony Hearing for the best Phonak hearing aids available.

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Phonak hearing aid domes

Phonak Smokey Hearing Aid Domes


Phonak hearing aid domes are suitable for the original 2 Pin phonak receivers. Suitable for models including Phonak Audeo V, Audeo Q and Audeo B.

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