November 19, 2018

Beating cancer is a cause for celebration.Beating cancer is a cause for celebration.

On the first Sunday of June each year, cancer survivors, and their friends and families, come together to celebrate the battle that was fought, and won, against cancer.

It’s a wonderful time to celebrate.

But, it’s also a time to remind people of the challenges cancer survivors may still face.

One of those challenges may be hearing loss.

Unfortunately, many of the drugs and therapies used to treat cancers can damage cochlear hair cells in the inner ear which leads to hearing loss.

Of course the good news is that if you have some hearing loss, there are ways I can help you hear and communicate better!

And, dealing with a hearing loss will be a piece of cake compared to fighting cancer!

Come in for a hearing screening, if there is an issue, we can work together to find the right hearing help for you!

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