Pensioners & Veterans Hearing Aids

Harmony Hearing & Audiology is accredited to provide the Commonwealth Hearing Services Program. This accreditation enables us provide eligible clients with quality hearing aids and comprehensive hearing services fully funded by the Australian Government.

We will help you obtain a Hearing Services Voucher through the Office of Hearing Services (OHS). You can obtain the application form for a Hearing Services Voucher either by calling or emailing us or when you come to a complimentary consultation. Alternatively you can find the application form on the Office of Hearing Services website here.

Once we receive your Hearing Services Voucher we can provide the following goods and services:

  • Free Hearing Aids and Accessories
  • Free pensioner hearing test
  • Wide range of free quality digital hearing aids from world leading manufacturers
  • Quality hearing aid batteries
  • Hearing aid accessories (remote control, speaker units and domes as required)


Why “Top Up” Hearing Aids?

If your unique lifestyle indicates you will benefit from additional hearing aid features and qualities, self-funding the margin or what’s referred to as “top up” hearing aids can be indicated. We generously
equate the Hearing Services Voucher to being a grant of approximately $1532. This does fully cover an essential level of technology adequate to meet the needs of the majority. Your private health fund may also contribute an additional $800 to $1500 on a pair of hearing aids.

With these contributions you are most of your way to acquiring the very best advanced to premium hearing aid models with Harmony Hearing & Audiology. Advanced and premium models typically provide enhanced ability and comfort in following speech in background noise.

We recommended that you wear your hearing aids on a daily basis and ideally for the majority of your waking day so as to best adapt and obtain maximum benefit from using them. Hearing aids are engineered to last many years (5+ years) and so it’s a very important decision how you use your Hearing Services Voucher. That is why we provide up to 60 day trials of both “free to client” and “top up hearing aids” so you can compare and make an informed decision as to whether the fully subsidised models are meeting your needs or whether selecting to “top up” to higher end models is worth that extra edge it’s going to give you for the next 5+ years. Essentially we work flexibly with you until you are satisfied with the outcomes. Please keep in mind that hearing is one of your primary senses and along with vision we believe your hearing and ability to communicate requires the best service and technological support available. It is a necessity rather than a luxury.


Free Ongoing Hearing Services:

  • Comprehensive pensioner hearing tests by qualified audiologist
    Results discussion, counselling on hearing health with a take home report Reporting to g.p. and specialists as necessary
  • Free hearing aid fitting and coaching (as required)
  • Follow up reviews
  • Ongoing adjustments, repairs and maintenance as required


Who is eligible for free hearing aids?

You are eligible if you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, 21 years of age and over, meeting one of the following criteria:

  • Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card (PCC)
  • Gold Health Repatriation Card
  • White Health Repatriation Card (specifying hearing loss)
  • Centrelink Sickness Allowance

You may also be eligible if you are:

  • Dependent of a person in one of the above categories
  • Active member of the Defence Force
  • Client of CRS Australia

Additionally the program supports the following groups, however they must be seen at the government hearing care provider, Australian Hearing:

  • Australian citizens under 21-years of age
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders over 50 years of age

How do I apply for a Voucher?

If you believe that you may be eligible, call Harmony Hearing & Audiology on (08) 9433 3249and we will provide, and assist you to complete a Hearing Services Application Form that is to sent to the Office of Hearing Services in Canberra. First time applicants need to have their form signed by their Doctor.

Changing Hearing Service Provider

You have the freedom to choose your hearing service provider, which makes for fair and competitive practice within our free enterprise system. If you would like us to be your hearing services provider please call the Office of Hearing Services on 1800 500 726 and request a Transfer of Hearing Services Provider Form which you forward to us as your new provider. We can then request transfer of your important clinical history and hearing test results from your previous hearing services provider/providers.

Grounds for Changing Service Provider

A breakdown in relationship with your existing provider can be one reason people may choose a new provider. This is known to have occurred where clients returning to a practice have seen different clinicians for different visits and efficiency of information sharing and rapport declines.

Or it may be a matter of convenience. For example, if your mobility is somewhat limited it could be easier to get to see us and in a more timely manner

If you are already a client of the program and would like to obtain a new voucher, we can request a new voucher application on your behalf.

Features available in free-to-client hearing devices on the Main Schedule of Approved Devices may include:

Feedback cancellation – This feature reduces the chance that your hearing device will whistle when it is placed in your ear. This whistling is called feedback;

Adaptive Noise Reduction – The hearing device software enables it to reduce the volume of background noise without reducing the volume of people talking. This makes it more comfortable to listen well in noisy spaces;

Transient Noise Reduction – The hearing device software recognises sudden uncomfortably loud sounds and reduces their volume to a more comfortable listening level;

Wireless Connectivity -The hearing device software can provide a direct wireless connection to other devices. An example of this is a signal sent via bluetooth to a mobile phone, or hearing aids that synchronise the settings between left and right so the sound feels balanced to you;

Automatic or adaptive directional microphone- This hearing device feature emphasises sounds coming from one direction (usually the front) while reducing the volume of sounds coming from other directions. This feature makes it easier for you to hear one person talking when you are in a noisy space and has been clinically proven to help improve speech understanding;

Automatic Multi Memory – The device can store a number of program settings for use in different listening situations, such as meetings or social functions;

Telecoil (also called a T-switch) – This hearing device feature helps you to hear better in places where an induction loop is fitted. This is often in theatres, churches and halls, as well as some businesses including banks. When this system is activated the device microphone is often switched off which helps to reduce background noise and make the speaker’s voice more audible; and

Autophone – The telecoil is activated automatically when the hearing device is used with a telephone which has a magnetic device attached. This magnetic device may be available as part of your hearing aid fitting.