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If you are looking for the best Phonak hearing aids in Perth at outstanding prices, then we are the people you need to speak to. We actually supply all great phonak products as they have an amazing array of accessories all to help people hear better in a variety of settings. 

Owned by the Sonova group (probably one of the largest hearing related companies in the world) who also own Unitron. The Swiss company Phonak have been established since 1947. They are world leaders in hearing aid and cochlea implant research and development and as of September 2007, the group employed about 4,200 employees worldwide. In Autumn of 2006 Phonak launched the “Hear the world initiative” which creates awareness on the topic of hearing health and hearing loss and promotes good hearing world wide. They are one of the biggest of the big six hearing aid brands.

Phonak patent many of the latest hearing aid technologies that other hearing aid manufacturers try to mimic. They continually update their hearing aid platforms and a new one arrives about every two years. They are regarded as one of the best hearing aid brands in the world and they have offered many innovative hearing aid technologies in the past and continue to do so. They are somewhat famous for their hearing aids for people with severe to profound hearing loss.

In fact, to a certain extent, their Naida hearing aid range is seen as the standard for people with those types of losses. Understanding their hearing aid offerings can be a little confusing though. Phonak do things a little differently than the other manufacturers when it comes to naming their hearing aids. They do use numbers to signify the different technology levels, however, they split their hearing aid types or models out with different names. So you need to understand the platform, such as the Belong, the name of the hearing aid and the corresponding number.

For instance, in the recent past, a flagship or premium range hearing aid from Phonak will use the number 90 while a basic aid will have the number 30 in the name. Their BTEs are called Bolero, their ITEs are called Virto and their RIC / RITEs are called Audeo. Their superpower hearing aids are called Naida. So for instance, if you are offered a Virto Belong 90, you are being offered a top of the range in the ear hearing aid which is on the Belong platform. Let's take a look at what is currently available from them.

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    New Phonak Paradise Hearing Aids 2021

    Phonak Marvel the predecessor to the new Paradise hearing aid was the most popular hearing aid on the market in 2019 and early 2020.

    The new Phonak Paradise is similar in appearance with a slimmer push button and a slight difference in the orientation of the micro-phone ports. They use the same receivers as the Marvels and the same Ceru-shield wax filter system.

    Phonak have released the whole range at the same time instead of a gradual roll out like they did with Marvel. They have eliminated their size 312 version with a tele-coil from the range, but they still have the size 13 battery version with a tele-coil.

    Phonak Paradise Range

    New Hardware

    A new chip platform called the PRISM which stands for Processing, Real Time, Intelligent, Sound Management which has double the memory of the previous sword chip that was in the Marvel platform. They have added motion sensors into their rechargeable versions.

    These allow the hearing aids to make microphone setting changes based on movement so it doesn’t only rely on acoustic information in your environment to make automated changes.

    Phonak PRISM Chip Platform

    Benefits of Motion Sensors

    For example if you are in a noisy environment but you are stationary position such as sitting at a dinner table the hearing aids know they have to put themselves into more of a directional setting. If you then get up and start walking after 6 steps the hearing aids will identify that you are moving and the hearing aids will then open up the microphone pickup range. So if you are walking next to someone the hearing aids won’t remain in directional focus forward mode and enable you to pick up the speech of the person you are walking with.

    Data from research shows users prefer to have motion sensors active. 

    Better Connectivity

    The new Prism chip allows more and better connectivity to multiple devices. Up to eight devices can be connected at the one time whether Android of Apple operating systems. They can also be actively connected to two different devices at the same time. So if you are streaming audio from your computer and you receive a phone call you can answer the phone call without having to switch over the connection.

    The Phonak Paradise hearing aids like Marvel offer truly hands free calls by using the microphones on the back of the hearing aids to pick up your voice. You don’t even need your phone on you as it can be within a 20 meter radius. To answer or end your phone calls you simply reach back and give one of your hearing aids a double tap. The hearing aids can even announce who’s calling in your ears. You no longer have to feel for and press the button. This touch control however is only available in the rechargeable versions.

    Stream All Types of Audio

    All types of audio will stream wirelessly through the hearing aids, whether it’s music, an audio book, youtube video and you can stop and start that streaming simply by giving the hearing aid a double tap as well. You can also use this double tap method to access your virtual assistant such as Siri, Bixby or Google Assistance. Simply double tap and say “Call Rachel” for example and the hearing aids will automatically connect. You can also connect to two TV connectors simultaneously. 

    Enhanced MyPhonak App

    : The enhanced MyPhonak App for smart phones has some new improvements and additions. It allows you to readily customise your audio to different environments by giving you access to “Clarity” & “Comfort” quick keys which affect the relative amounts of base or treble amplification applied. A three band graphic equaliser can also modify the relative amplification across the frequency range.

    Noise Reduction adjustments and Speech Focus adjustments can also be manipulated. You can then save these as an additional program you can readily access in the future.

    Remote Support Capable

    The MyPhonak App also allows you to have a virtual appointment with your hearing care professional using the Remote Support function. You can use your Smart phone or tablet in the comfort of your own home to have your hearing aids programmed. Using the Paradise hearing aids your hearing care professional can test your hearing remotely. There’s an Audiogram direct function where the hearing aids produce the test tones to obtain a type of graph of your hearing sensitivity called a Sensogram or Insitu-gram.  These results can then be directly applied to accurately fit and fine tune the hearing aids. This is convenient where hearing can fluctuate or change and it is difficult to attend a hearing clinic in person.

    New Operating System Auto Sense 4.0

    Phonak has also introduced its new operating system Auto Sense 4.0 now that now incorporate the input of the motion sensors to automatically put the hearing aid in the optimal mode for any acoustic environment. The key new additions include Dynamic Noise cancellation to enhance the signal to noise ratio in noisy environments by 4dB which can make the difference between understanding someone in noise and not being able to understand them. It now also features Speech Enhancer used in quiet environments for helping understand softly spoken people when in a quiet environment. It gives extra amplification to soft speech sounds.

    Four Tiers of Technology

    Phonak have released their Paradise in four tiers of technology levels from the Premium Phonak P90, Advanced P70, Standard P50 and Essential P30. 

    Phonak Paradise Technology Levels

    Each time you go down in a technology level certain features are eliminated & so is the ability to customise your devices. The higher level hearing aids have a feature set deigned to improve their performance in complex listening situations where there’s typically more competing background noise. The signal of speech relative to the competing background noise is improved. This improves listening comfort, reduces listening effort and improves speech understanding.

    Phonak Paradise Features Sets of each level

    For individuals with single sided deafness Phonak engineers are working to develop a cross aid solution.

    Phonak Paradise hearing aids have impressive new features that deliver real world benefits. It is likely to become one of the best selling hearing aids on the market in 2020 and 2021. If you would like to trial the new Phonak Paradise hearing aids contact us Today. You can have a month no obligation trial to experience their great features and benefits.

    Meet The Brand New Audeo Marvel

    Phonak Made For Any Phone

    Phonak introduced their latest hearing aid platform which they are calling the Marvel at EUHA in October 2018. It is their latest hearing aid platform and it is quite an exciting introduction. The Marvel will be a full range of Made For Any Phone hearing aids.  The first to be introduced will be two models on their Audeo Receiver In Canal hearing aids range. They will be offered in the usual four levels of technology, the Marvel 90, 70, 50 and 30. There is quite a lot to talk about with the new introduction, so let's get to it.


    Audeo Marvel Hearing Aids

    The Audeo range is the first part of the Marvel platform to be introduced. Eventually, the Marvel Audeo family will be made up of five hearing aids of which two will be rechargeable, but for now, only two models will be introduced. The smallest traditional Zinc Air battery size will be the 312. The full Audeo range will not be available initially, below you can see a quick explanation of the devices and their expected availability. The hearing aids will be available in the typical four levels of hearing aid technology as you would expect from Phonak. However, Phonak will make the rechargeable hearing devices available at every level of technology including the entry level for the first time.

    Phonak Audeo Marvel

    Made For Any Phone

    With the Audeo B-Direct, Phonak chose traditional Bluetooth to give them a direct connection to any mobile phone. The traditional Bluetooth protocol offered huge benefits to them. It meant that any hearing aid they produced would be technically able to connect to any Bluetooth enabled device, not just phones. The first Made For Any Phone hearing devices (The Audeo B-Direct) did not offer stereo audio streaming of phone calls or any other audio. It also ensured that Phonak's quite famous ear to ear features did not work.

    The New System Has No Limits

    The new Marvel platform does not have any of those limitations, it will allow users to experience stereo streaming audio from any Bluetooth enabled device, that includes most mobile phones available, computers, and even some modern Bluetooth enabled TVs.  Not only will the experience stereo audio streaming they will also receive the full benefits of Phonak's ear to ear features (Binaural Voice Streaming Technology BVST for short).

    Fully Featured Hearing Aids

    These hearing aids include all of the latest Phonak features including their much-celebrated ear to ear features. They also have a brand new sound management system called Autosense 3.0 which recognises and automatically adapts to precisely match more listening situations than ever before. Autosense 3.0 also classifies streamed signals and will adapt how it works to better help you to hear the way you should. It also includes two new automatic programmes for streaming audio.

    Multi-functional and Feature Rich Hearing Aids

    These hearing devices are hugely multi-functional and feature-rich, here’s the quick list:

    • Stereo Bluetooth streaming: Stereo streaming from any Bluetooth enabled device, that means iPhone, iPad, laptops, computers, Macs, Android phones, Windows phones, hell any Bluetooth-enabled phone.
    • Real Hands-free calling in stereo: Like the Audeo B-direct, the Marvel offers true hands-free calling from Bluetooth-enabled phones and VOIP services like Skype, except, to both hearing aids.
    • TV Streaming: Marvel can stream directly from Bluetooth-enabled TVs, and can also stream from the Phonak TV Connector accessory.
    • Rechargeability: They say both Marvel rechargeables will deliver a full day of hearing aid use from a single charge.
    • Remote adjustments: Marvel hearing aids can be adjusted remotely by your hearing expert.
    • New App Eco-System: Brand new apps to make life easier and engage the consumer in the process.
    • RogerDirect: This is really fascinating, for the first time, users will be able to stream from Roger devices directly to their hearing aids.
    • Full Phonak Feature Set: The Marvel will offer full and up to date inter-ear features.

    Stereo Bluetooth streaming

    Marvel will directly stream stereo audio from any device capable of streaming audio via Bluetooth. This includes almost any device you can think of. You can connect it directly to your Android phone; you can connect it directly to your Mac Book or Windows laptop. You can even connect it directly to any Bluetooth enabled television. That is pretty amazing, that is a direct connection without any streamer. The quality of streaming audio is excellent; audio is full and clear. Music is warm and full, and phone calls are clear.

    Connect directly to all Bluetooth devices


    True Hands-Free Calling

    The Marvel delivers true hands-free calling in stereo. You will hear your phone calls in both ears giving you a better chance at understanding what is being said. Hands-free means you don't need to touch your phone. Your phone can be up to thirty feet away. You simply hit the button on your hearing aid to answer the call and chat away. The hearing aids use their microphones to stream your voice to the caller.

    More Than Just Audio Connection

    The Bluetooth connection is being used for more than just audio streaming though. They will also use that same connection for data exchange between the mobile phone and the hearing aids. This ability offers much more benefits for consumers and professionals alike. The data exchange is the core of the new ability to remotely fine tune the hearing aids in real time and for the user to give real-time day to day feedback with the new Hearing Diary.

    New Phonak remote support for Marvel hearing aids

    Remote Fine Tuning

    The new Phonak remote fine-tuning system is excellent, a video calling system gives the same feeling of face to face interaction, just in a different way. While the remote support may not be for everyone, I think it will be welcomed by people who see it as a real alternative to in-clinic appointments

    Speech To Text

    They have also introduced a new speech to text app with the new products. The new app acts as a transcription system which allows users to read what is being said by the person on the other end of the phone. It works in real time and thanks to hands-free phone calling you can carry on the conversation while you read the dialogue. The app will allow people with hearing loss extra help to understand people on their mobile phone.

    RogerDirect Coming

    Phonak's Roger system is the Gold Standard in FM assistive devices for people with hearing loss. All Marvel hearing aids will be able to be upgraded in late 2019 by hearing care professionals so that the new RogerDirect™ system can be added to the hearing aids allowing Roger microphone equipment to stream directly to Marvel hearing aids without having to attach an external receiver. That is something special and it will provide even better benefit for people in complex sound environments.


    Audeo Marvel R

    Audeo Marvel R

    The Audeo Marvel R is Phonak's latest rechargeable Made For Any Phone hearing aid, it is quite discreet and can be used with several receiver variations meaning it can cover a lot of hearing losses. The device will connect directly to any Bluetooth enabled Mobile phone and will stream phone calls and audio in stereo. The devices are available from November 22 in the UK and should be rolled out globally through November and December.


    Audeo Marvel 312

    Audeo Marvel 312

    The Audeo Marvel 312 is a very small RIC device which uses a size 312 battery, it is quite discreet and can be used with several receiver variations meaning it can cover a lot of hearing losses. It doesn't have a telecoil although as always it is a wireless device. The device will connect directly to any Bluetooth enabled Mobile phone and will stream phone calls and audio in stereo. The devices are available from November 22 in the UK and should be rolled out globally through November and December.


    Audeo Marvel 312 T

    Audeo Marvel 13

    The Audeo Marvel 312T is a small RIC device which uses a 312 battery, it is still very discreet and can be used with several receiver variations meaning it can cover a lot of hearing losses. This device will have a telecoil. The device will connect directly to any Bluetooth enabled Mobile phone and will stream phone calls and audio in stereo. This device will not be available until Spring 2019.


    Audeo Marvel 13T

    Audeo Marvel 13-T RIC hearing Aid

    The Audeo Marvel 13T is a RIC device that will use a size 13 battery. It will be slightly bigger than the 312, but still pretty discrete. It can be used with several receiver variations meaning it can cover a lot of hearing losses. The device will connect directly to any Bluetooth enabled Mobile phone and will stream phone calls and audio in stereo. This device will not be available until Spring 2019.


    Audeo Marvel RT

    Audeo Marvel R-T

    The Audeo Marvel RT is a rechargeable RIC hearing aid which will have a telecoil. It can be used with several receiver variations meaning it can cover a lot of hearing losses. The device will connect directly to any Bluetooth enabled Mobile phone and will stream phone calls and audio in stereo. This device will not be available until late 2019.

    Rocker Switch, Not Push Button

    Phonak have also changed the push button on the devices, they now offer a rocker switch instead for more functionality.

    Versatile TV Streaming

    Phonak TV Connector


    While the Marvel hearing aids will connect directly to Bluetooth enabled TVs, Phonak has also introduced a new TV Streamer. The TV streamer allows low energy streaming offering great audio and reduced battery usage.

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    Phonak Audeo B-Direct

    Hands free phone callsA Made For Any Phone Hearing Aid

    Phonak have introduced a hearing aid called the Audeo B-Direct which is an addition to their new Audeo Belong family. It is different in many ways from the other Audeo Belong devices, for one, it uses a completely different chip. Unlike the others, it also offers a direct connection to any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, that means taking calls from any phone without a streamer. The Audeo B-Direct connects to any Bluetooth® enabled mobile phone, directly without a streamer and in doing so, also offers completely hands-free calling. As it supports the classic Bluetooth protocol, it provides direct connectivity to cell phones – including AndroidTM, iPhone® and even classic cell phones.

    True Hands-Free Calling

    As I said, the hearing aids offer real hands-free voice calling. You can answer or reject a phone call by simply pressing the push button on the hearing aid. The ringing of the phone is heard through the hearing aids and once the call is accepted, the conversation is instantly streamed. You don’t need to pick up your phone nor in fact do you need to be near it. Your voice is picked up by the hearing aid’s microphone network and transmitted to the other caller. The hearing aids act in a similar way to any wireless headset.

    While the hearing aids offer easy phone calls, they will not allow you to stream music or audiobooks from your phone. The devices simply don't allow the type of streaming that delivers music or other audio. However, they have thought about music lovers and your TV viewing habits.

    Hearing aids that double as wireless TV headphones

    Audeo B-Direct hearing aid

    Phonak introduced an accompanying TV Connector with the hearing aids which uses their proprietary AirStreamTM technology. It is designed to be a state-of-the-art compact multimedia hub that connects wearers to their favourite TV programming for an immersive audio experience. It’s a plug and play solution that automatically turns a pair of Audéo B-Direct hearing aids into wireless TV headphones. The TV Connector can also connect and transmit to multiple sets of Audéo B-Direct hearing aids simultaneously. The TV Connector can be hooked up to any sound source, so you can listen to your stereo as well if you wish.


    The device is a receiver in canal (RIC) hearing aid which means that it will be suitable for a wide range of hearing losses and users. It is also the first device to make use of Sonova’s revolutionary SWORD chip and wireless radio technology. They say that the low-voltage radio chip has the lowest power consumption of any hearing aid using Bluetooth Classic. The device uses a size thirteen battery and Phonak reports some excellent battery life figures. They say that the battery should last for six days with one hour of phone use and 3 hours of TV per day.

    Three levels of technology

    The device is only available in three levels of technology, the 90, the 70 and the 50, so there is no entry-level device.

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    Phonak Virto B Hearing Aids

    Phonak Virto B Hearing AidsThe latest Phonak Virto hearing aids are the Virto Belong, with the introduction of these new devices, Phonak introduced some new innovative ideas. The Phonak Virto B is the world’s first hearing aids with Biometric Calibration, which take your individual ear anatomy and hearing needs into account. Phonak say that they will identify over 1600 biometric data points in and on your ear, and the biometric data will be used for unique calibration settings which are calculated for each Virto B hearing aid. They say that this will mean that the Virto B is able to more reliably sense where a sound is coming from, thereby giving you access to better hearing performance.

    Phonak is the first ever hearing aid manufacturer to carefully map the outer ear to take advantage of its natural abilities. They say that the new process will deliver a 2dB signal to noise ratio improvement. While 2dB doesn't sound like much when it is combined with all the other strategies that Phonak use it will offer a marked improvement. Phonak Virto B is available in six different models to match your hearing needs.

    The Models

    The Virto products will be available in six different models, well, seven if you count the Virto Titanium, but more of that later. The six firmly within the range are from smallest to largest, the Virto B-10 NW O, The Virto B-10 O, the Virto B-10, the Virto B-312 NW O, the Virto B-312 and finally the Virto B-13. The numbers, 10, 312 and 13 stand for the size of the battery, NW stands for Non-Wireless and O means Omni-Directional (just one microphone).

    Virto Titanium

    Virto TitaniumThe Virto Titanium is a part of the Virto range but it is treated as a separate offering for a few reasons, not the least being it is the only titanium hearing aid. In fact, it was the first ever hearing aid in the world to be built with a titanium shell.

    Titanium Shell

    Phonak says the Virto B-Titanium is the most discreet in-ear device they have ever made. They say that the properties of titanium ensure that they can make the hearing aid smaller. Using titanium to build the shell allows them to produce a shell that’s half as thin as traditional custom shells.

    They say that they will use this property to deliver a deep, comfortable fit. Phonak say that the overall size is reduced significantly, thus increasing invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) fit rate by 64%. That simply means that more people than ever will be physically suitable for their latest invisible hearing aid.

    Three Levels of Receiver

    The device comes available with three levels of receiver which allows it to cover even more hearing losses than ever before. Because of the use of Titanium, it also allows for bigger vents in their hearing aids which means fewer occlusion problems for people with good low-frequency hearing.

    Technology Levels

    While the wider Virto range is available in the usual four levels of technology, the 90, 70, 50 and 30. The Virto Titanium is only available in the top two levels of technology, that's the 90 and the 70.

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    Phonak Bolero Belong Hearing Devices

    Bolero Belong hearing aidsWith the launch of the Bolero Belong platform of BTE hearing aids, Phonak launched the anticipated lithium-ion rechargeable BTE, the Bolero B-PR. It is the first Lithium-ion rechargeable BTE to the market and the first rechargeable BTE for Phonak. They say that the battery pack will act in line with the stats from the battery on the Audeo B-R. It will deliver 24 hours of hearing with one simple charge with up to 80 minutes of wireless streaming time. 

    The P hearing aid style is quite a powerful aid and can be expected to be fitted to people with severe hearing loss. The device has a programme button, volume control and a telecoil onboard. The amplification output of this aid demands a lot of power, so Phonak must be very confident with the battery technology.

    The Bolero Range

    The Bolero range is a full model line up with four models. They will include B-M, B-P, B-SP, and the rechargeable B-PR.

    Phonak Bolero B-M

    The B-M model is the smallest of the range, a micro BTE powered with a 312 battery it will cover Moderate to Severe hearing losses. The device comes with a programme button and has an onboard telecoil.

    The device can be fitted with a thin tube fitting or a traditional tube and mould configuration. The device will be available in the four levels of technology, the 90, the 70, the 50 and the 30.

    Phonak Bolero B-P

    The B-P model is slightly larger, it is powered by a 13 battery cell and comes with a programme button, volume control, telecoil and will cover up to severe hearing losses.

    The device can be fitted with a thin tube fitting or a traditional tube and mould configuration. The device will be available in the four levels of technology, the 90, the 70, the 50 and the 30.

    Bolero B-SP

    The B-SP is the largest model, again it is powered by a 13 battery and comes with a programme button, volume control and telecoil. The device will cover severe to profound hearing losses.

    The device can be fitted with a thin tube fitting or a traditional tube and mould configuration. The device will be available in the four levels of technology, the 90, the 70, the 50 and the 30.

    Bolero B-PR

    The B-PR is the rechargeable model which runs on a sealed and integrated lithium-ion power pack. The device is similar in size to the Bolero B-SP. It also has a programme button, volume control and telecoil. The device can be fitted with a thin tube fitting or a traditional tube and mould configuration. It will cover moderate to severe hearing losses and it will be available in the 90, the 70 and the 50 levels of technology only.

    What are the key features of the Bolero P-R

    • Rechargeable lithium-ion power cell
    • 24 hours continuous use with up to 5 hours streaming
    • Easy charging
    • Unique OneShell design
    • Probably only available in the 90, 70 and 50 level of tech

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    Phonak Audeo Belong Hearing Devices

    Audeo Belong Range

    The Audeo Belong Receiver In Canal hearing device range was the first Phonak hearing device range with a rechargeable option. The Belong platform comes with an upgraded operating system, the latest version of Phonak's SoundRecover2 and new microphones and programme buttons. The range uses the existing Venture chipset and is available in four technology levels, the 90, the 70, the 50 and the 30. Unfortunately, the rechargeable option is not available at entry level and is only available in the 90, 70 and 50 levels.

    New Autosense System

    The operating system in the Belong range is an updated version of Phonak's Autosense OS. They have improved the system with new settings that manage how the system works. Phonak's continued research on AutoSense OS gave them the opportunity to make it even better. They have tweaked the operating system, changing how the hearing aids respond to changes in the sound environment. They say that these changes deliver even better speech intelligibility across the different settings.


    SoundRecover2 is Phonak's latest version of their frequency compression strategy. It is a feature that moves high-frequency sounds in speech into lower areas of hearing. It is exceptionally useful for people who have little or no hearing in their high-frequency range. The feature works only when needed, for instance, if a sound is in an area of hearing where you simply could not hear it.

    In cases like this, normal amplification will simply not work well, SoundRecover2 moves the sound to an area where the is usable hearing, which will allow you to hear the sound information you need to understand speech. The new and updated version was first introduced in the new Naida Venture and there have been excellent reports about it from users.

    Hardware changes

    The Audeo Belong has a new style of button, which is more functional and a new microphone system. While the button change is designed to make the aids easier to use, the microphone change is probably the most important. The new microphone system is designed to make the devices sound better in both noise and quiet. They say that the new microphone system almost eliminates microphone noise, the feedback from users is that they are the quietest hearing aids they have ever worn.

    The Phonak Audeo Belong Hearing Aid Range

    The range itself is a relatively typical full- line Audeo offering, so that is a full range of Receiver in Canal devices. Let's take a look:

    Audeo B-10

    Very small RIC device using a size 10 battery, it is quite discreet and can be used with several receiver variations meaning it can cover a lot of hearing losses. It doesn't have a telecoil although as always it is a wireless device. It has a button but no volume control.

    Audeo B-312

    Again a very small RIC device, however, it uses a size 312 battery, it is still very discreet and can be used with several receiver variations meaning it can cover a lot of hearing losses. Like the 10, it doesn't have a telecoil although as always it is a wireless device. It has a button but no volume control.

    Audeo B-312T

    Slightly bigger than the 312, it is still a small and discrete device RIC which uses a size 312 battery, it can be used with several receiver variations meaning it can cover a lot of hearing losses. Unlike the 10 and the 312, it has a telecoil as well as being a wireless device. It has a button but no volume control.

    Audeo B-13

    The largest of the Audeo B RIC range, it runs on a size 13 battery and can be used with several receiver variations meaning it can cover a lot of hearing losses. The 13 comes fully loaded with both a telecoil, programme button and a volume control as well as being a wireless device.

    Audeo B-R

    The RIC device that all the hype has been about, a rechargeable hearing device running on Lithium-ion power. A solid 24 hours of use from one three hour charge. It can be used with several receiver variations meaning it can cover a lot of hearing losses down to profound. It is also a wireless device with a programme button but no volume control or telecoil.

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    Auto StereoZoom What is it?

    Auto Stereo Zoom is a feature of the latest Premium Quest hearing aids that is automatically activated within the primary Sound Flow program when competing ambient sound escalates to approximately 65 dB SPL. The feature uses the input from the two microphones of each hearing aid and wirelessly combines them in real time to create a four microphone array. It combines directional microphone technology and binaural processing to create a very narrow, highly focused front directional beam. It is purported to increase speech understanding in loud environments by a 6dB SNR (signal to noise ratio). It is claimed to be the industries only four-microphone directional microphone system that is automatically activated where the width of the beam former is narrowed.

    Benefits of Auto Stereo Zoom:

    Auto Stereo Zoom enables the hearing aid wearer to more easily separate a single speaking voice in front from the range of speaking voices in a crowd. It improves speech understanding whilst substantially reducing competing background noise. Auto StereoZoom is available in the Q90 levels. StereoZoom is accessible in the Q70 levels, which acts the same only it is manually accessible with the press of a button (either on the hearing aid or using a remote control).

    Sound Recover

    Also unique to Phonak, this feature makes use of a non-linear frequency compression system that gently compresses and shifts high frequencies to ensure the full frequency range of sounds are audible with natural sound quality. This enables the higher frequency sounds in speech particularly the higher pitched sibilant speech sounds such as “s” and “Sh” to be moved from the extended highest frequency band range and compressed to a subtly lower frequency region where the hearing sensitivity is typically stronger. For individuals with sloping high frequency hearing loss adjustment of this system by an experienced audiologist can make the difference between hearing and missing these important high pitched sibilant sounds in speech that provide meaning and context in terms of plural and ownership.

    Zoom Control

    Phonak Hearing AidsThis refers to the ability of the hearing aids to automatically pivot the focus of their adaptive directional microphones toward where the desired speech signal is coming from and away from competing background noise. This occurs binaurally synchronised in real time. The hearing aids constantly analyse 360 degrees where the desired speech signal is coming from discerning human speech sound with its characteristic pattern from the more erratic background noise. In each of its digital processing channels it is drawing distinction between the desired speech sound to amplify and the competing noise signal to suppress giving more emphasis/amplification to the desired speech sound and less to the competing noise thus improving the signal to noise ratio in each of its channels. The greater the number of digital processing channels the greater the ability the hearing aids have to improve the signal to noise ratio across the frequency range (Speech relative to noise) and the more accurately they can shape the amplification to the individuals hearing configuration in each ear across the frequency range.

    The Zoom Control feature is particularly beneficial in listening situations where the hearing aid wearer can’t physically turn to face the speaker such as when driving in a motor vehicle.

    Speech in Wind:

    Speech in wind uses binaural processing to significantly improve speech understanding and listening comfort in situations where wind noise affects one ear more then the other. The hearing aids route the speech signal from the better side (least wind turbulence) to the side to the wind affected side using the Phonak unique “Binaural VoiceStream Technology”. It leaves the frequencies above 1500Hz untouched so as to maintain spatial cues needed for localisation. It does this to assist both speech intelligibility in wind as well as comfort. The Speech in Wind feature can also be set up and activated as a manual program. Such a feature is particularly beneficial to people with an active lifestyle where they may often find themselves conversing outdoors.

    Duo Phone

    Duo Phone improves clarity of telephone conversations because the call is heard in stereo in both ears whether using a conventional, wireless or mobile phone. Duo phone can be set up by the Audiologist to activate automatically upon placing the phone in close proximity to the hearing aid (called EasyPhone) and/or as a manual program with the push of a button called DirectTouch.

    Demonstrations and Trials

    We stock a full range of Phonak hearing aids and are happy to provide Free in Clinic demonstrations where we fit them to your hearing configuration and you can also take them out of the clinic for the day to try them in the busy outside world. If you decide you’d like a full 60day trial we only charge an industry standard fitting fee of $150 per ear. That is you can trial the hearing aid models of your choice for up to 60 days in everyday life to decide whether the benefits warrant the investment. If you proceed with the purchase the fitting fee comes off the purchase price of the hearing aids. Otherwise we fully refund your deposit all except the fitting fee.

    Looking For Ear Wax Removal?

    We provide safe and comfortable micro-suction ear wax removal, no mess, no fuss, book your appointment now

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    Feb 25, 2018 | | Fremantle , WA

    5 of 5

    I was very pleased with every aspect of buying new upgraded hearing aids from Harmony. I have been wearing aids for about 10 years and never before have I had much choice being committed to once brand. There was no rush or pressurising and I appreciated the months free trial before I had to purchase. The aids themselves have made a big difference to my life especially for phone calls. I would recommend Harmony to Anyone. Thank you!

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