Pensioner Hearing Aids


Get the best Pensioner Hearing Aids Free or “Top Up”

Harmony Hearing is an accredited and registered provider of the Australian Governments Hearing Services program (HSP) and with  over 10 years experience and a supply with all leading hearing aid brands we have the ability to match the best fully subsidised hearing aids to your unique needs.

As an eligible Pensioner or Veteran we’ll help you acquire a Hearing Services Voucher. This will enable you to obtain “Free to client” hearing services including hearing tests, hearing aid fittings and adjustments.

You can also opt to engage in the annual Battery and Maintenance contract which currently costs $47.25 in 2021 for a full year of supplies such as hearing aid batteries, domes and wax filters for maintaining your hearing aids in effective working order.

How Much is the Grant Toward Hearing Aids?

At present for a first time fitting for an eligible pensioner or veteran is approximately $1550. This covers both the cost of the hearing aids and professional audiology services of having them fitted and verified and in being effectively coached in their use and management. For a subsequent fitting under the program the grant is approximately $1330.

Fully Subsidised Hearing Aid Styles

Mini BTE Hearing Aids

Fully subsidised hearing aids under the Hearing Services program are actually a very descent level of quality technology.  For example you can acquire a pair of the Oticon Nera Pro 2 Mini BTE hearing aids fully subsided. These used to retail for up to about $8000 the pair if you had to self fund them a couple of years ago.

Example of an Excellent Fully Subsidised Mini Behind the Ear Style Hearing Aid






You can view this great fully subsidised hearing aid on our online shop at the following link:

Fully Subsidised  Custom in the Canal Hearing Aids

Alternatively there are custom fitting In the Canal Style Hearing Aids (ITC or Completely in the canal style hearing aids (CIC)

For example you can acquire a pair of the custom fitting Oticon Nera 2 Pro In the Canal (ITC) hearing aids fully subsidised under the hearing services program.







If you have a more severe to profound hearing loss there are also fully subsidised hearing aid solutions to meet your needs. For example take a look at the also excellent Oticon Ria 2 BTE D Power Plus






These three different styles of hearing aids suit different hearing levels and user preferences and are all from a world leading brand called Oticon which is owned by William Demant and developed in Copenhagen in Denmark.

How You Benefit from Our Independence

As we are independent from any particular manufacturer we have the unique freedom of being able to supply you the latest and best fully subsidised pensioner hearing aids from all world leading hearing aid brands.

Our Audiologists are always keeping a keen eye on what the best free to client solutions become available from all the leading brands including Oticon, Phonak, GN Resound, Widex, Signia  and Unitron. All have excellent Fully Subsidised options under the Commonwealth Hearing Services program.

We’ll help you make an informed choice as to what best suits your hearing level needs, Style preferences and other important considerations.

Any Free to Client hearing aids you are fitted with you will obtain a minimum 30 day trial and satisfaction guarantee. Call us Today to Book a Free Consultation.

Partially Subsidised Hearing Aids or “Top-Up” Devices

Under the Hearing Services Program you can choose to take the Government Subsidy toward hearing aids of either the $1550 for a first time fitting or the $1330 for a subsequent refitting under the program and self fund extra if you wish to move up to higher levels of technology.  It is known in the hearing industry in Australia as “Topping Up”.

Reasons for Topping Up:

The reasons for doing this may vary. Typically higher end devices have a feature set designed to give them better performance in complex listening environments where there’s competing background noise and to reduce listening effort. This can free up cognitive processes for other tasks such as remembering more of what is said.

Common Reasons People Choose to “Top-Up” Include: 

  • – Wanting a richer sound quality with hearing aids that have more frequency bands. The Audiologist is more accurately able to shape the amplification to your hearing levels across the frequency range.
  • – Enhanced clarity and comfort in noise through more advance noise reduction features.
  • – Cosmetic preferences such as more petite or discrete hearing aids
  • – More Automation where the hearing aids can optimise themselves to a great array of listening environments.
  • – Ability for the hearing aids to wirelessly stream Audio from mobile phones, tablets and other smart devices.

No Out Of Pocket Expense Even with A Top Up (Private Health Refund)

It is worth checking with your private health insurance fund to determine if and how much they are willing to refund you for a hearing aid purchase. Even with the government subsidy toward hearing aids you can claim toward additional out of pocket expense from your private health insurance fund. Most people are refunded approximately $900 up to $1500 for a pair of hearing aids. You may find you can top up to substantially higher end hearing aid technology with little to no out of pocket expense. We can help you claim both the hearing services grant and your private health refund toward hearing aids.

Please contact us Today and we’ll facilitate you eligibility for Free or Subsidised Hearing Aids. Call Now on 1800 020 406.