Harmony Hearing

Hearing Tests & Services

Online Hearing Test

Our online hearing test makes it easy to find out if you have hearing loss, the degree of hearing loss and how it impacts your communication ability. It only takes about 5 minutes and you’ll instantly receive your results with follow up recommendations.

Please note: This online hearing test is not a diagnostic hearing test, but a tool designed to indicate if you have hearing loss. Your headphones or ear phones aren’t calibrated for hearing tests so it’s not an exact measurement.

Remote Care

With Harmony Hearing’s Remote Care (Tele-Audiology) you can have effective hearing services anywhere! Using the phone, internet and specifically designed Apps we can provide our hearing services remotely. Now you don’t have to attend in person to receive personalised hearing services.

3 Ways to Consult Your Audiologist:

Phone Call: You can make a time to have a phone consultation with your Audiologist.

Video Call: You can have a video call with your Audiologist using most video call applications including Zoom, Skype and Facetime. Simply line up a time. Having the visual cues of a video call really helps ease of communication especially for people with hearing loss.

Applications (Apps): Most leading hearing aids brands provide an App that can be downloaded to your smart phone or tablet that embeds a video call facility, In-Situ hearing test and hearing aid programming.

Free Hearing Test

We provide a free hearing test in Perth at one of our hearing clinics. They are available for anyone over the age of 18 and no referral is required. Our Audiologist will take a look in your ears with an Otoscope to make sure there is no wax or debris obstructing the ear canals. If there is an obstruction that can affect the results, we are specialised at removing this under microscope by either ear irrigation or micro-suctioning.

Obtaining Your Hearing Thresholds

We then perform the hearing test by placing headphones over your ears and ask you to respond with the push of a button every time you hear pure tones of different pitch, even if they are very faint. We are aiming to find the very softest tone you can hear at each frequency tested. We record the thresholds once we have measured at least two consistent ascending responses for each tone.