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Your Free Hearing Test

We provide a free hearing test in Perth at one of our hearing clinics. They are available for anyone over the age of 18 and no referral is required. Our Audiologist will take a look in your ears with an Otoscope to make sure there is no wax or debris obstructing the ear canals. This can surely effect the results as though you are wearing ear plugs. If there is obstruction that can affect the results we are specialised at removing this under microscope by either ear irrigation or micro-suctioning.

Obtaining Your Hearing Thresholds

We then perform the hearing test by placing headphones over your ears and ask you to respond with the push of a button every time you hear pure tones of different pitch, even if they are very faint. We are aiming to find the very softest tone you can hear at each frequency tested. This is your threshold for that particular tone. Or the minimum volume for you to hear a tone of a particular pitch. We vary the timing of the presentation of the tones so they are not too rhythmical and predictable. We record the thresholds once we have measured at least two consistent ascending responses for each tone.

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Modified hearing test if you have tinnitus

If you experience tinnitus we present the tones as a pulsing or warble tone so it’s easier to distinguish from any tinnitus sounds you may hear. This is especially important as we are conducting the hearing test in a very quiet ‘sound proof booth’ where you may be more likely to hear your tinnitus sounds.

Even for our Free Hearing test we test the full frequency range using air conduction. Air conduction refers to testing under headphones or in an open sound field (using calibrated speakers) where sound is captured by your ears (Pinna) and naturally travels down your ear canals and through the middle ear system as it naturally would.

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3 Steps to Better Hearing

Follow our simple three steps below to improve your hearing health today.

Step 1

Free Hearing Test

Our Audiologist will test your full frequency range and discuss your hearing needs. If hearing aids are recommended we can discuss the best options for you and can give you a demonstration.

Step 2

Free Fitting & 2 Week Trial

You are professionally fitted with the hearing aids for your 2 Week Free Trial. Enjoy the benefits they provide.

* Steps 1 & 2 can occur in 1 appointment

Step 3

Free Evaluation

We see you about 2 weeks later to discuss your experience and evaluate the outcomes. You choose whether or not to keep the hearing aids.

Free Hearing Test of the Full Frequency Range

We test the full frequency range from the lowest 250Hz right up to the extended very high frequencies of at least 10,000Hz or 10KHz. This is important as most people’s hearing loss starts in the higher frequency range and gradually comes down. Once we completed the hearing test we discuss the results.

Discussing the Results

We show you the Audiogram which is a graph of your hearing levels in both ears across the frequency range. The hearing levels in the right ear are shown by the circles O (Usually red) and the levels for the left ear are shown by the blue crosses X. We explain the ranges of normal hearing and what constitutes different levels of hearing loss. We also like to inform you of how any hearing loss you have may impact your ability to hear speech sounds at average conversational levels of 50dB HL.

Limited Information

Although the free hearing test shows your hearing levels or degree of hearing loss, they do not tell us about the nature of the hearing loss. Whether it is a conductive hearing loss where sound doesn’t move through the ear drum and middle ear system quite as efficiently as it could or whether it is more of an inner ear nerve related hearing loss we term a sensori-neural hearing loss. Or, whether it is a combination of the two we call a mixed hearing loss. However, it does give us the just enough information to be able to program up and demonstrate hearing aids if it looks as though they are likely to be beneficial.

Further recommendations

Based on the outcome of this free hearing test our recommendations can range. We may suggest continuing on to have the full diagnostic hearing test. This is not a free hearing test for which we charge $120. This is a greater battery of hearing tests that enable us to diagnose the nature of your hearing loss and forward a report to your G.P. or Specialist if required.
More information on our diagnostic hearing test.

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Hearing Aid Discussion & Demonstrations

Please tell us about your lifestyle, communication needs and style preferences to help guide our hearing aid recommendations. We also need to take into account your hearing levels and configuration for best results.

This will help guide the best hearing aid model, style and suitable technology level and price point to best meet your needs. We can then program and configure hearing aids during the appointment. We’ll put them on to give you a good as to how they can sound and feel to wear.

Most people with hearing loss (even with mild hearing loss) are pleasantly surprised at the clarity improvement and reduction in listening effort. They then realise the contrast when they are deactivated and removed.


2 Week Free Hearing Aid Trial

We offer a no obligation completely free two week trial of any hearing aids we recommend and fit. That way you can get out into every day life and experience the benefits they can provide. Although you are still acclimatising to the sound quality and physical feeling of them it should give you a pretty good impression of the differences they can make. Modern digital hearing aids have come a long way especially in recent years and they are getting better in complex listening environments with competing noise. The typical environments where most people with high frequency hearing loss struggle the most.


Modern Hearing Aids are in Fashion

The stigma has surely diminished in wearing modern day hearing instruments i.e. hearing aids and dare I say they are becoming fashionable like spectacles. Most leading brands latest hearing aid models are doubling as communication devices and linking up with smart phones and other devices. So, you can stream your phone calls and other media audio straight into your ears. It is almost like having super-hearing. We urge you not to put off suffering the adverse effects of hearing loss any longer and give us a call to book your free hearing test today!

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