How Best to help a Loved One with Hearing Loss who is in Denial

May 25, 2020

It is common for a person living with a hearing loss to be in denial. 

Many times, they either don’t acknowledge the loss themselves or they simply don’t realise they have one. 

It is also common that family and/or friends recognise the hearing loss first.

Whilst it is difficult and a sensitive issue to point out a hearing loss to a loved one, by doing so, you are helping them in the long run; the sooner they acknowledge their hearing loss and seek treatment, the sooner they can get back to the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

If you find yourself in this situation and are trying to raise the subject of a hearing loss with your loved one, the following tips may help:

1. Since many people refuse to acknowledge their hearing loss due to their fear of “looking old” by wearing a hearing aid, explain to them just how small and inconspicuous hearing aids are today; there are various models and this may reduce their anxiety. You may also like to inform them that hearing loss does not discriminate – people young and old can suffer hearing loss.

2. When approaching the subject, choose a time in a relaxed environment when both parties are calm; it’s not a good idea to raise the issue during a disagreement over the volume of the television set.

3. Just being there while your loved one navigates this new reality can help alleviate some of their anxiety and fear. We welcome partner’s joining their loved ones to appointments, especially to the initial hearing test appointment.

Your loved one is missing out by not hearing well during conversations, unable to participate fully; socialising with family and friends and listening to the sounds of nature.

Help is always available in seeking the treatment one may need to resolve any hearing loss and continue to live life more fully. 

If one of our Audiologist’s can help with any aspect of the conversation, please reach out and we’ll be only too happy to explain the process and options available.

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For more information on how we can help your loved one with hearing loss please see

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