Maintain Your Hearing to Slow Cognitive Decline

May 11, 2020

Research on hearing loss and brain activity

There have been numerous studies on the long-term effects hearing loss has on brain activity. They have shown that untreated hearing loss can cause 30% – 40% faster cognitive decline. This is compared to people without hearing loss, or those who have received treatment for hearing loss.

Psychologists found there are three distinct stages in the way language is processed as we age. Stage one is being vulnerable to distractions. The second stage is a decline in processing speeds. and the third is a reduction in working memory.

Hearing Loss affects people of all ages

No one should take their hearing for granted or assume that hearing loss is a normal part of ageing. Living with the detrimental effects of hearing loss should not be accepted. We have the wonders of modern medicine and technology on our side.

Early Intervention is Best

If you have hearing loss it is recommended that you seek help as early as possible. Putting off getting help results in longer term consequence The can include faster cognitive decline, isolation and depression. 

It’s so easy to get treatment for a hearing loss. Why postpone a hearing test and risk any negative side effects from untreated hearing loss?

Simply contact us at Harmony Hearing and we’ll work together with you. We’ll to find the right solution that will help you with any decline in your hearing. You can call on 1800 020 406 or use our enquiry form:

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