Oticon Opn S Hearing Aid Innovations

May 16, 2019

In March 2019, Oticon introduced the new Opn S hearing aids which built upon the original Opn platform to offer an even better sound experience. They have introduced their first lithium ion rechargeable hearing aid. It is called the Opn S mini RITE-R.

There are improvements in speech understanding and reduced listening effort. You can confidently engage in conversation in challenging environments. This includes noisy restaurants, bars and café’s. Opn S can provide the brain with up to 30% improved access to speech cues. This can dramatically improve your understanding and listening comfort.

Bluetooth and Internet Enabled

The hearing aids are bluetooth and internet enabled. This means they can connect to the apple iPhone for Audio Streaming. They link to internet connected devices using their IFTTT technology.

Powerful enough for every hearing loss

The small and powerful mini RITE’s can use four different powered receiver (speaker) levels. They provides a discrete solution for every hearing loss. 

Enhanced Feedback Suppression

With improved feedback reduction steeply sloping and more severe hearing losses can benefit. They can be provided with a more open fitting. Also more power with up to 6dB greater amplification. The Open Sound Opitmizer™ is powered by the new Velox S™ chip platform. Steeply sloping hearing losses can be left with a more open fitting with reduced risk of feedback. More profound hearing losses be fitted without feedback.

Open Sound Booster

With the improved Sound Navigator™ platform, users can activate an extra boost of help. This will increase focus on speech coming from the front and reduced pick up of surrounding environmental sounds. Oticon claim users can experience speech understanding in noisy listening environments on par with people with normal hearing.

Oticon Opn S Innovations:

  • Velox S chip platform increases processing power. With faster automatics a nd memory the hearing instrument is capable of analysing sound 56,000 additional times per second.
  • Open Sound Navigator™ accurately preserves your 360˚soundscape. By preserving the steams of speech from which ever direction they are coming from you can easily switch attention and focus on the stream of conversation you choose to. This reducing listening effort and fatigue helping you to continue to enjoy more active participation.
  • OpenSound Booster –Additional frontal speech focus for noisy situations
  • Open Sound Optimiser:Enhanced Feedback Pro-Active prevention. More optimised gain. More open fittings are enabled.
  • Wireless Connectivity –Includes hands free streaming from compatible smartphones.
  • The new mini RITE R-State of the art lithium ion rechargeable solution in a stylish and  discrete design. 
  • Oticon On App –Easily adjust the volume or select an alternative program for those rare and unique communication environments
  • Remote Care App– have your Audiologist fine tune your hearing aids in real time in your communication environment. Incredible convenience and accessibility to professional care.

Features and Benefits Summary Table:

Feature Benefits associated with this feature
Provides notifications and warnings to assist and support confidence in daily use. For eample plays a start-up jingle, low battery warnings and a beep for volume increments.
Water and Dust
Resistant (IP68)
With an ingress protection rating of 68 (IP68) the six is for moisture and the 8 is for dust/dirt. If you accidentally jump in the shower or fall into a pool dry your hearing aids off as soon as possible they should be ok.  Exercising with them on is fine!
Can be set to automatically increment the amplification up in 3 steps over a designated time frame to assist comfortable acclimatisation.
App & Remote
You can make Discrete adjusts to volume or switch between programs or controls sources of connectivity with the App installed on your phone or you can use the small remote control.
Bass BoostCompensates for bass leakage in open fittings when streaming audio for a richer sound quality.
Volume and program changes are coordicated and synchronised between the two hearing aids.
Simultaneous exchange of data between two hearing aids precisely perseveres inter aural spectral cues of sound for best speech separation and localisation.
Clear DynamicsExpanded dynamic input range enables the processing sounds up to 113dB SPL. This preserves sound quality even at loud input levels
Data LoggingCan log the user’s volume control use, program usage and total use time
Analyses the risk of feedback with the prescribed gain and chosen acoustic coupling to the ear.
Feedback Shield LXAn effective feedback management system to reduce the risk of feedback and suppress feedback if it occurs
Fitting Bands16 fitting bands allows for accurate shaping and fine tuning of the amplification to your hearing levels in each ear. 
Phone &
Supports listening in difficult situations when the client may want extra support e.g., in a phone conversation or when using a loop system
Made for
‘Made for iPhone’ means the hearing aids can stream Audio directly from an Apple iPhone without the need for an intermediate device to be worn. They can still be adjusted from an Android phone directly. The Connect Clip will enable Audio streaming from Android devices.
Enables conventional directionality settings in addition to OpenSound Navigator transition settings NFMI Near-Field Magnetic Induction – Improves speed of communication and bandwidth between two hearing aids with very low power consumption
Provides listening support by continuously analysing the acoustic environment. It rebalances sound sources so the sound in focus sound is clear and competing sounds are not disturbing. Finally, it attenuates remaining noise to provide a more accessible sound environment
Improves listening performance and comfort with ultra-fast proactive feedback detection and prevention. Enables optimal gain and open fittings without compromising sound quality or audibility
Data is analysed and processed in 64 channels, more than 100 times per second
Soft Speech
Booster LX
Applies an individual amount of soft gain to increase soft speech understanding
Spatial Noise
Optimises listening in asymmetrical, noisy situations
Spatial Sound
Uses binaural compression to provide precise spatial awareness that helps users localise where sounds are coming from
Speech Guard
Preserves the dynamics of speech by combining the benefits of linear and non-linear compression
Speech Rescue LXMakes high frequency speech sounds like /s/ and /sh/ more audible using frequency composition
Streams audio input in stereo
Tinnitus Sound SupportProvides a variety of relief sounds including soothing ocean sounds, to meet the individual needs of people with tinnitus
Transient Noise ManagementProtects against sudden loud sounds with fast recovery to preserve audibility. Offers four different levels for fine tuning, including ‘off’
TwinLinkCombines two distinct radio technologies in an innovative wireless communication system. Features one technology to support seamless, energy-efficient binaural communication between two hearing aids (NFMI) and one to support communication with external electronic and digital devices (2.4 GHz)
Wind Noise
Protects against the discomfort of wind turbulence noise
You Matic LXAccommodates personal listening preferences and sound perceptions in the prescription
Feature and Benefits Table of Oticon Opn S Hearing Aids


The new Oticon Opn S hearing aids suite of advanced technologies ensure they automatically adjust to any listening environment. Rated by consumer surveys as having the most natural sound quality out of many leading brands. You will enjoy immersive sound quality with improved speech understanding.

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