Hearing Aid


Coaching Videos

We have decided to add some helpful educational videos on the site. We hope to build up a library of videos that cover many of the most frequently asked questions in relation to hearing aids and hearing care

Remote Hearing Test

In this Video we perform a Remote hearing test known as In-Situ Audiometry or an In-Situ gram to obtain a Senso-gram to reprogram and fine tune Frank in Queensland Phonak Paradise Hearing Aids. He is 3,700km away and Audiologist Andrew Mackendrick is in Perth Western Australia.

Change Wax Filter

Phonak Paradise & Phonak Marvel Ceru Shield changes. Often the wax filter plug now called a Ceru Shield Disc gets blocked with wax and debris compromising the performance of the hearing aid. People unsuspectingly think their hearing aid is broken when it often is simply a blocked wax filter. This video shows you how to change your wax filters or Ceru Shields that hide beneath the rubber domes. Easily over looked or forgotten about I am routinely re-instructing my clients to change their wax filter system when it appears their hearing aids have stopped working. Hence this coaching and instructional video.

Oticon Filter Change

A quick coaching Video on how to change Oticon Hearing Aid domes & Wax Filters (Pro Wax Mini). Many people assume their hearing aid is broken when it can simply be a blocked wax filter. This video shows me coaching an 85 y.o. Lady how to change and she gets it right the first time.