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Online Hearing Tests

Our online hearing test makes it easy to find out if you have hearing loss, the degree of hearing loss and how it impacts your communication ability.

It only takes about 5 minutes and you’ll instantly receive your results with follow up recommendations.

After using various online hearing tests, we chose to include this one on our website. We had to ensure it was user friendly, accurate and gave meaningful results. You will be guided all the way.

Please note: This online hearing test is not a diagnostic hearing test, but a tool designed to indicate if you have hearing loss. Your headphones or ear phones aren’t calibrated for hearing tests so it’s not an exact measurement.


The Online Hearing Test Procedure

1. Answer a few simple questions

Questions relating to your everyday hearing situations.

2. Perform the hearing test

– It’s best to do this in a quiet room free from distractions.

– Use headphones or ear phones to get independent results for ear each.

– Calibration volume check for comfort.

– Your hearing levels will be tested across the frequency range for different pulsed tones.

3. Find out your results

and follow up recommendation immediately after completing the online hearing test.