Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids, Outstanding Success, Well Received

February 17, 2019

Phonak who is one of the leading hearing aid brands in Australia introduced their latest range of hearing devices the Audeo Marvel late last year. The response has been quite amazing, both hearing care professionals and the general public seem to be really taken with the devices.

Phonak Audeo Marvel hearing aids

Direct Connection, Bluetooth Hearing Aids

The Audeo Marvel offers a one of a kind direct connection to Bluetooth devices. Phonak is the only hearing aid brand to offer a direct connection to any Bluetooth enabled audio device such as mobile phones, TVs and even laptops and Mac Books.

Made For Android Hearing Aids

That’s a simple connection without any intermediary streamer device. People really love it, in fact, it is the answer for many people with Android-powered mobile phones who have been looking for a direct connection or Made For Android for years.

Made For Any Phone Hearing Aids

Phonak call them Made For Any Phone hearing aids simply because they will connect to any phone. Well, any Bluetooth enabled phone. It doesn’t need to be a smart phone either. If you have an old Nokia phone, or one of the Doro mobile phones, it will connect directly to your Phonak Marvel hearing aids with ease.

Connect directly to all Bluetooth devices

The stereo streaming of audio direct to your hearing aids dramatically helps you to understand what is being said. That means that calls are easier, music is clearer and dialogue of TV shows or Movies is enjoyable again.

More than that though, the Marvel are outstanding hearing aids in their own right. They provide clear sound, even in complex sound environments. That means that you will hear better and be able to get on with your social life.

Interested in The Phonak Marvel?

If you are interested in the Phonak Marvel or you would like to discuss it further, why don’t you give us a call on 08 9386 7816 to arrange an appointment. With hearing aid centres in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, we are always close to you.

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