Oticon Opn S Mini RITE Hearing Aids (Premium) Take a 312 Disposable Battery


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Oticon Opn S Mini RITE (312 Disposable Battery)

The most petite and discreet of all the Opn S hearing aid models, the Opn S mini RITE takes the slender disposable 312 battery. It has an easy to to Press button at the base of each hearing aid for volume and program changes. However it is to be emphasised that they are fully automatic and a "set and forget" approach is fine too.

The 312 hearing aid batteries need to be changes between about 5 and 7 days depending on how much wireless audio streaming is occurring. They directly bluetooth connect to both Apple iPhone and Android phones but can only directly stream audio from the apple iPhone.

New Oticon Opn S features Oticon's patented Open Sound Navigator platform for natural preservation of the sound scape and the speech streams coming from any direction. This enables the user to switch attention naturally when desired reducing listening effort in dynamic social environments. With advanced noised filtering competing noise between speech sounds is substantially reduced resulting in better signal to noise ratios than in former generation hearing aids.

With newly introduced Open Sound Optimiser feedback suppression occurs within an incredibly fast. Up to 90 ms-1 compared to the traditional feedback cancelling systems which take around 500 ms-1. Amplification is better preserved even when there are provocative movements around the head such as positioning of glasses on and off. Wearers of these hearing aids are afforded more open fitting acoustic couplings wit minimal risk of annoying or embarrassing whistling or squeaking sounds.

Hybrid Rechargeable Hearing Aid Option.

the nice petite Opn S mini RITE can be converted to a rechargeable version using the Zenni power recharge kit. The standard battery doors are swapped for ones that have a copper contact. In place of a standard zinc oxide battery a silver opxide rechargeable battery is used. At the end of the day you simply place the aids on the recharge dock and thy switch off automatically and recharge over night when not in use. You can still use the disposable zinc air batteries which is a nice back up option if you are travelling or don't have access to power for some reason. So with the hybrid system you get the best of both worlds.

Oticon Opn Model Variations:

There are four variations of the Oticon Opn Models:

- The Oticon Opn S mini RITE 312 battery discussed here.

- The Oticon Opn S - R mini RITE Rechargeable

- The Oticon Opn S-RT mini RITE Rechargeable with Tele-Coil

- The Oticon Opn S BTE Power Plus (For power aid users)

For more information or to discuss which may be best suited to your needs please don't hesitate to contact us.