Oticon Opn S-R Rechargeable Hearing Aids (Premium)


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Product Information

In March 2019, Oticon introduced the new Opn S which builds upon the original Opn platform to offer an even better sound experience. They have also introduced their first lithium-ion powered rechargeable hearing aid with the new Opn S mini RITE-R.

With further improvements in speech understanding and reduced listening effort you can confidently engage in conversation in challenging environments such as noisy restaurants, bars and café’s. Opn S can provide the brain with up to 30% improved access to speech cues which can dramatically improve your understanding and listening comfort in competing background noise.

The hearing aids are both Bluetooth and internet enabled just like the original Opn. This means they can connect to the apple iPhone for Audio Streaming. They can also connect to internet connected devices using their IFTTT technology. For example if you had a doorbell connected to the home WiFi the hearing aids can receive a notification that the door bell has rung.

Powerful enough for every hearing loss:

The small but powerful mini RITE’s can use four different powered receiver (speaker) levels giving a discrete solution for every hearing loss.

Enhanced Feedback Suppression:

With their improved feedback control more steeply sloping or severe hearing losses can be provided a more open fitting with reduced likelihood of feedback. Up to 6dB greater amplification without feedback. The Open Sound Opitmizer™ which is powered by the new Velox S™ Chip platform is purported to be so fast it can proactively detect and suppress feedback before it occurs. This enables greater fitting freedom in that steeply sloping hearing losses can be left with a more open fitting with reduced risk of feedback and more profound hearing losses be fitted without feedback.

Open Sound Booster:

Owing to the improved Sound Navigator™ platform users can activate an extra boost of help where there is increase focus on speech coming from the front and reduced pick up of surrounding environmental sounds. Oticon claim users can experience speech understanding in noisy listening environments on par with people with normal hearing.

Oticon Opn S Innovations:

- Velox S chip platform further increases processing power. With faster automatics and memory the hearing instrument is capable of analysing sound 56,000 additional times per second.

- Open Sound Navigator™ accurately preserves your 360˚soundscape. By preserving the steams of speech from which ever direction they are coming from you can easily switch attention and focus on the stream of conversation you choose to. This reducing listening effort and fatigue helping you to continue to enjoy more active participation.

- OpenSound Booster –Additional frontal speech focus when required in noisy situations

- Open Sound Optimiser: Enhanced Feedback Pro-Active prevention. Enables more optimised gain, More open fittings and therefore reduced occlusion (The blocked feeling)

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