Oticon Opn S1-R Hearing Aids (Premium & Rechargeable)


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Incredible Bundle Special that provides all you need. Attain the very best Top-of-the-line Premium Oticon Opn S1-R Rechargeable (Lithium Ion) hearing aids programmed to your hearing levels and then fine tuned in your listening environment.

Also you receive the TV Adapter 3.0 for high fidelity streaming of your T.V. audio straight through your hearing aids. You can easily set the volume at your preferred listening levels independently from what you spouse likes it coming out of the T.V. speakers.

& You attain Oticon's terrific Remote Mic. This innovative device pairs to Android phones and devices to enable wireless audio streaming. It can also be worn by your spouse with its lapel clip. Your partners voice will directly stream into your hearing aids across distances further enhancing communication ability even in busy background noise environments. You could place it on the lectern at a presentation and have the presenters voice stream directly through your hearing aids. Truely a beneficial piece of hardware to compliment this Premium hearing solution.

Professional Clinical Services Included for 1 Year (Required for best results)

At Harmony Hearing we understand that the hearing aids are only part of the equation for a successful fitting and outcome. It usually take more than a single fitting appointment to optimise the hearing aids for best outcomes.

We call the period of time it take to get used to the new amplification the adaptation phase or acclimatisation phase and this time can vary markedly between individuals. This may even depend on attitude and motivation of the individual to improve. 

Some people can take many months to be incremented up to the optimum level of amplification for their hearing levels. Whilst other can reach optimum within a couple of months.

it is only ethical to include a year of professional service to see that your new hearing aids are incremented up to their optimum levels for best outcomes and to afford ongoing coaching in use and management, maintenance and review of communication goals.

What happens during Adaptation to hearing aids?

-Neural adaptations. New neural pathways form and existing ones reinforced.

- Skin conditoning to become physicaly more comfortable and to choose optimum acoustic coupling to the ears.

- manual dexterity adapts to insert/remove and maintain. (Perfect practice makes perfect)





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