Oticon Xceed Hearing Aids (Power Premium)


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Oticon's new Xceed Hearing Aid is an innovative approach for Super & Ultra Power people with severe to profound hearing loss. Utilising Open Sound Navigator and Open Sound Optimiser that was formerly only available in Oticon Opn models. Power users can now benefit from an "Open Sound Experience" where the natural sound scape is maintained and maximal speech cues are preserved. Open Sound optimiser proactively minimises the likelihood of feedback and gain reduction further reducing the loss of valuable speech cues especially important to power users. This results in less noise and listening effort than before*.

Oticon Xceed comes in either Xceed SP (Super Power) and Exceed BTE UP (Ultra Power). They offer the open sound experience with a range of direct connection option to smart phones and accessories.

Bi-Modal Compatability

Exceed is now compatible with bimodal fittings for people that wear a cochlear implant on one side.

Tele-Audiology Ready:

Using Oticon Remote Care you can have a real time virtual appointment with your Clinician or Audiologist. Have your hearing aids programmed and fine tuned in your unique communication environment and in the comfort of your own home.

Three Technology Levels

Oticon Xceed 1 (Premium): Features the very best noise filtering and speech enhancement technology suite with up to 9dB of Maximum noise removal and 100% balancing power effect and 3 Personalised configurations. Also 4 Configurations of transient noise management. 14 fitting bands for very accurate shaping of amplification to hearing levels. 48 Channels

Oticon Xceed 2 (Advanced): Features 5dB maximum noise removal, 50% balancing power effect & 2 personalised configurations, 12 Fitting Channels for accurate shaping of amplification to hearing levels. 48 Channels

Oticon Xceed 3: (Upper Midrange): Features moderate noise filtering ability. 8 Fitting Bands for fairly accurate shaping of amplification to hearing levels. Also 48 Channels.

Oticon Xceed Play

The world’s most powerful hearing aid designed for children

The groundbreaking Oticon Xceed Play is the only hearing aid on the market that gives an open sound experience to children of all ages with severe-to-profound hearing loss.

Oticon Xceed Play gives your child

  • 360° access to speech
  • Outstandingly clear and detailed sound
  • Prevention of annoying whistling sounds
  • Easy wireless connectivity to many devices

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