Phonak Paradise Audeo Life P70-RL Hearing Aids

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Now you don’t have to choose between the activities you love and the ability to hear. The new Phonak Paradise Audeo Life hearing aids are water proof, dust proof and sweat proof. They are the world’s first rechargeable water proof hearing aids. With convenient inductive charging they easily provide a full waking day of wear even if streaming hours of phone calls and media from your smart devices.

The Paradise Audeo Life P70 RL is the Advanced model second from the top of the line. With five Auto-Sense™ modes it seamlessly and automatically optimises the listening experience in any environment from conversation in quiet to speech in loud noise. You can feel confident you will hear your best even in complex listening environments with competing background noise.

Phonak Paradise Audeo Life P90-RL

Phonak Paradise Audeo Life P70 RL



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Phonak Paradise Audeo Life P70 RL Rechargeable Waterproof Hearing Aid

In 2013 Siemens presented a water proof hearing aid known as the Aquaris. It was a good solution for people with a lifestyle that often risks getting hearing aids wet. For example sports people that sweat or the into water activities such as boating.  Surprisingly they were phased out around 2016 and there really hasn’t been a truly waterproof hearing aid option until now.
The World’s First Rechargeable, Waterproof Hearing Aid.
Phonak have launched onto the Australian market (May 2o22) the new Phonak Paradise Audeo Life which has an ingress protection rating exceeding ip68. This means you can immerse them in freshwater, saltwater, pool water, soapy water and sweat without the risk of them breaking down. They are water proof to a depth of 50cm. This has been made possible by a durable Parylene coating which acts as a sealant and few openings. Unexpected rainfall,  high humidity and sweat are no longer an issue. You can enjoy care free hearing during all kinds of sports and recreational activities.
Paradise hearing aids are known for their crisp and natural sound quality in any listening environment. They have the ability to connect to multiple bluetooth devices simultaneously for high quality audio streaming, including hands free phone calls. The motion sensors that enable ‘tap control’ can be used to answer and end phone calls, start and stop audio streaming and activate voice assistant such as Siri or Google Assistant.
Inductive Charging 
Phonak Charging Case
Phonak Audeo Life hearing aids come with the Phonak Charger Case Go™.  This inductive charger also helps protect the devices from dust and water. With its built in Lithium Ion power pack you have access to three repeat charges on the go if you don’t have access to a power point.
You simply place the hearing aids into the charging slots and they are held in place magnetically. They automatically turn off upon placing them into the dock and tun on automatically upon removing them from the dock and clever circuitry prevents them from over charging so you can leave them in the powered up dock when not in use.
Rechargeable hearing aids are ideal for convenience, but also if you have dexterity concerns. They are also more friendly on the environment.

Unique Attributes of Phonak Paradise Audeo Life:

  • Water proof
  • Rechargeable (Lithium Ion Inductive Charging)
  • Crisp and Natural sound
  • Universal connection to smart phones, TV & Roger Accessories
  • Multiple Bluetooth Connections simultaneously
  • Tap control

Phonak Technology Levels 

Phonak Paradise Technology Levels

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Colour Range

Available in 7 amazing colours. Beige, Silver Grey, Sand Beige, Graphite Grey,  Champagne, Velvet Blank and Chestnut.

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Champagne, Chestnut, Sand Beige, Beige, Silver Grey, Graphite Grey, Velvet Black, Alpine White


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