Signia Insio 7AX custom rechargeable hearing aids

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Signia Insio AX Charge & Go breaks new ground as a custom rechargeable hearing aid that uses inductive charging. No more fiddly battery changes, simply place them into their charging slots and they will automatic deactivate and charge in several hours for a full day of clear comfortable hearing even in background noise. You can bluetooth stream phone calls and media straight through the hearing aids in high quality stereo sound.




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Signia Insio AX Charge & Go custom fitting in the ear hearing aids break new ground with their inductive lithium ion charging ability. There are no external visible copper contacts so they are very clean and cosmetically appealing. Simply place them in the charging dock.

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With the premium digit processing 7 AX chip platform with 48 Channels they provide accurate shaping of the amplification to your hearing levels across the frequency range and noise filtering to provide comfort and clarity in busy social environments with competing noise.

The Signia Insio 7 AX Charge and Go is the premium hearing aid from Signia with the following high key features for maximum speech clarity, comfort in background noise and reduction of listening effort:

  • 48 Channels and their Benefits:  Accurately shapes amplification to your hearing levels across a wide frequency range. Also enables more opportunity to filter background noise from the desired speech sound in each frequency band or channel.
  • A Wide 12.5 KHz Band width: Preserves the higher frequency harmonics in speech that provide further separation of speech from competing noise. The additional cues of the wider band also go to improve localisation to identity and pinpoint where different sounds are coming from. This in turn improves speech intelligibility and reduces listening effort in complex sound environments.
  • 20 Adjustment Bands
  • Acoustic sensors
  • Dynamic SoundScape Processing
  • eWindscreen
  • Spatial Speech Focus

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