Signia Insio 7Nx


Signia Insio Nx is a miniature custom made hearing aid designed to fit completely in your ear canal. They can be made as a truly invisible in the canal hearing aids (IIC) giving them complete discretion. The Signia 7Nx is the top of the line or Premium hearing aid model in this style giving excellent sound quality and noise filtering for comfort in challenging listening environments with competing noise.

  • 48 Fine Tuning Channels
  • 20 Adjustment Bands
  • Acoustic sensors
  • Dynamic SoundScape Processing
  • eWindscreen
  • Spatial Speech Focus
  • Extended Bandwidth




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Signia Insio Nx is an impressively small custom fitting hearing aid that can fit deeply in your ear canal so it’s out of sight. It falls into he category of invisible in the canal (IIC). Being made to fit the natural anatomy of your ear can improve both the comfort and the security of the fit. They make excellent use of the natural shape of your ear to direct sound into the canal and therefore preserve the natural inter-aural timing and intensity cues that enable you localise where sounds are coming from. These vital cues also enable you to separate the speech you want to attend to from other competing sounds around you.

With the premium digit processing 7 Nx chip platform with 48 Channels they provide accurate shaping of the amplification to your hearing levels across the frequency range and noise filtering to provide comfort and clarity in busy social environments with competing noise.

Some of the main benefits of an Invisible in the canal (IIC) style hearing aids are:

  • Their miniature size and invisible appearance.
  • The location of the microphone in the ear canal helps with:
    • natural positioning when using a telephone.
    • the preservation of the natural acoustics provided by the external ear (Auricle or Pinna)  that help with localising the direction of sound.
    • Reduces wind turbulence as tucked further in away from wind.

Some of the limitations of invisible in the canal (IIC) style hearing aids are:

  • Less power of the amplifiers and speaker unit (receiver)  due to smaller size.
  • Single omni-directional microphone that picks up sound arriving from all around you. Therefore less adaptive directionality of microphones to pivot their focal patterns away from noise.
  • Limitations of ear canal anatomy. May be too small to be made as a true IIC to house all the components.
  • There may be management difficulties if you have poor vision or manual dexterity.
  • Too small to come with the option of a Telecoil.
  • As they sit deeper in a humid/moist ear canal they are more susceptible to breakdown due to ingress of  ear wax (cerumen) and moisture
  • As they have a smaller surface area they are more likely to:
    • feedback (e.g. whistle) due to acoustic leakage
    • work loose or migrate out whilst talking and chewing.

The Signia Nx7 is the premium hearing aid from Signia with the following high key features for maximum speech clarity, comfort in background noise and reduction of listening effort:

  • 48 Channels and their Benefits:  Accurately shapes amplification to your hearing levels across a wide frequency range. Also enables more opportunity to filter background noise from the desired speech sound in each frequency band or channel.
  • A Wide 10KHz Band width: Preserves the higher frequency harmonics in speech that provide further separation of speech from competing noise. The additional cues of the wider band also go to improve localisation to identity and pinpoint where different sounds are coming from. This in turn improves speech intelligibility and reduces listening effort in complex sound environments.

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