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Xperience is world leading German manufacturer Signia's latest hearing aid model. It uses a combination of powerful acoustic sensors and motion sensors linked to sound processing. The hearing aids measure both the acoustic input as well as the movement of the user in real time. Called Dynamic SoundScape Processing the hearing aids enhance the detail and spacial accuracy of the listening experience. They deliver sound that is spatial accurate, clear and detailed even in environments with a high level of competing background noise.

Xperience Pure 312 X or Xperience Pure Charge & Go X

They come as either a model that takes a disposable 312 battery (The Pure 312 X) or the Lithium Ion Rechargeable (Pure Charge & Go X). Signia claim the model that takes the 312 battery is one of the most discrete devices with direct streaming on the market.

Signia Pure 312 X

Pure Charge & Go X: The Lithium Ion Rechargeable version uses the stylish Inductive Charger II. It has 20% greater battery capacity than the former Pure Charge & Go Nx model.

Both hearing aid models feature bluetooth connectivity for streaming of telephone calls, music and T.V. with high quality sound. All in a remarkably petite design.

Key Features:

- Dynamic Sound Scape Processing Delivers natural sound and speech in every situation even when moving

- Own Voice Processing (OVP) for a most natural and comfortable sounding own voice, even when the wearer is in motion.

- Integrated Acoustic Motion Sensors

- Long Lasting high quality Audio Streaming

- Ultra HD e2e and Bluetooth Connectivity

- Your Sound Technology constantly analyses your acoustic environment adapting in real time to ensure optimal speech understanding and listening comfort.

Signia App

The Signia App enables the user to access control over volume, additional programs if installed and manual control over microphone directionality and focus. It also gives access to Signia's Tele-Care for real time support from your Audiologist wherever you are.

There are 3 Levels of Technology:

Signia Xperience 7 X (Premium), Xperience 5 X (Advanced) and Xperience 3X (Midrange)

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