Starkey Evolv 2400 AI RIC R hearing aid

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Starkey Evolv AI RIC R is a receiver in the canal style hearing aid with a potent lithium ion rechargeable battery. It will keep you hearing well throughout your full waking day. You can even stream hours of audio from your Apple or Android device without running out of power.

Evolv 2400 AI is the top of the line or Premium hearing aid that reduces listening effort and maximises noise reduction in complex listening environments. Starkey claims up to 40% more noise reduction then it former model the Livio Edge.



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Starkey Evolv 2400 AI RIC R Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Starkey Evolv AI RIC (Receiver in the Canal) are premium rechargeable hearing aids. With bluetooth connectivity you can audio stream from both iPhones and select Android phones. This includes streaming your phone calls, video media and music. Evolv AI 2400 RIC R are the top of the line or rechargeable models in this style. This gives them the best noise reduction and listening comfort in background noise. They also feature Edge Mode where a double tap of the hearing aids further reduce competing noise.

They are cosmetically appealing and discrete and with minimal mass in the ear canal you will barely feel you are wearing a hearing aid.

Starkey Evolv RIC R wireless comes in four technology levels from the Evolv 1200 AI (Entry Level), Evolve 1600  AI(Mid range), Evolv 2000 AI (Advanced) and Evolv 2400 AI (Premium or top of the line).

Starkey Evolve Technology Levels
There are also disposable battery versions of this model too that take a size 312 Zinc Air disposable battery as follows:
Starkey Evolve AI RIC

Three Receiver in the Canal (RIC) models of Starkey Evolve AI

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