Unitron Discover Moxi Hearing Aids (Premium)


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The Latest Unitron Hearing Aids At Very Low Prices

Unitron is one of the worlds leading brands that was originally founded in Canada but was purchased by the Sonova group that also owns Phonak. Much of Unitrons research and development still occurs in Canada although the production occurs in Switzerland in the same facility as Phonak. They share much of the same high quality components including their industry leading processing chip, speaker units and domes. Unitron selects the best components and sets its hearing aid prices comparably lower.

The Latest Unitron Discover Moxi Jump R and Discover Moxi Fit feature binaural spatial processing to maximise spatial cues that improve localisation and separation of speech sound from competing background noise. Other innovations include:

Rechargeability: Discover Moxi Jump R are Lithium Ion Rechargeable. They turn off automatically when inserted into the charge and switch on Automatically when removed from the charger. They easily power the hearing aids for the full waking day even if streaming hours of audio.

Made for All Phones: They directly stream the audio from both Android and Apple devices without the need for an accessory. This enables hands free stereo streaming of both phone and video calls.

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