Widex Evoke Fashion POWER BTE 312


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  • Free Programming & Set Up
  • 3 Year Warranty
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Evoke Fashion Power (Currently Available)
  • 312 BTE
  • TONELINK compatibility
  • Push Button and Preference Control
  • DEX devices
  • Telecoil
  • IP68
  • Size 312 battery
  • Open fit option
  • EASYWEAR Thin Tubes (0.9 and 1.4)

Widex EVOKE is the first hearing aid to give you the ability to employ real-time machine learning, featuring intuitive new controls that will quickly guide you to your desired hearing experience.

The FUSION style provides the ultimate in flexibility. Three different receivers, as well as various ear-tip and custom earmould options, means that FUSION can suit most types of hearing loss. FUSION also features a program button for volume and program selection.

New SoundSense Technology means you just tell your Widex EVOKE hearing aids what sounds you prefer by choosing between sound suggestions provided by their smartphone EVOKE app. The powerful Widex EVOKE processor then uses this data to deliver even better real-life sound, based on your personal preferences when you need it, in real time.

  • Rechargeable Battery: No
  • Direct Streaming: Yes
  • Manufacturer Product Warranty: 3-years
  • Manufacturer Loss/Damage Warranty^: 1-year
  • Smartphone App: iPhone, Android

What’s more, the combination of your input and machine learning enables Widex EVOKE to evolve and become even smarter as time passes. Widex SoundSense Technology means that every time you use EVOKE, it evolves – just as you’d expect from a smart hearing aid. That’s because when you and others personalise your listening experience, EVOKE learns from different situations. And over time, all EVOKE hearing aids will be able to learn from anonymous global user input to improve the real life sound experience even further.

Widex Evoke iPhone connectivity

Complete range of connectivity options available with Widex EVOKE

Want an even more personalised sound? Teach EVOKE how you prefer to hear with a few taps on the EVOKE app.

The SoundSense Learn feature gives you two sound profiles to choose from. Simply listen to them and select the sound you prefer – as many times as you want. It's never been easier or more convenient to get satisfaction on the spot.

Widex EVOKE Accessories:

The Widex Evoke is available in 4 technologies.

Best for hearing in noise, active lifestyles, group environments. 15 channel processing.

Good speech in noise processing, moderately active lifestyles. 10 channel processing.

Minimal noise reduction, sedate lifestyles. 6 channel processing.

Evoke 110
Entry level product, perfect for one to one listening. 4 channel processing.

If you would like more information on the Widex Evoke Hearing Aid Range please call 1800 007 006 or email us at help@hearingaidhero.com.au
* These hearing Aids can be fitted remotely without sending us an Audiogram. Simply order and we will book in time to set the hearing aids up via our remote care with our Audiologist.