Widex Moment



New Widex Moment improves natural sound quality by minimising the delay of the incoming sound from the hearing aid and that of the incident natural sound that also  reaches the ear drum. 

The new Widex Moment micro-chip uses two signal pathways with improvements in processing speed and design. Widex call it ZeroDelay™ technology. Widex claim it processes sound faster than any other digital hearing aid. The processing delay between the microphone and the receiver is reduced below 0.5 milli seconds. 

Widex PureSound

Smallest Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Now available in the worlds smallest Lithium Ion receiver in the hearing aid (RIC) style hearing aid. As a nice petite hearing aid you can have the confidence to easily get through a full waking day of wear. You'll never have to worry about changing disposable batteries again.   

Sound Sense Learn App

As an option the Widex Moment pairs with the Sound Sense Learn App which uses machine learning to personalise your hearing experiences. New programs can automatically be  generated based on your adjustments.