What Is A Comprehensive Hearing Test?


In-Depth Hearing Tests

In-Depth Hearing Tests

As we said, having a comprehensive hearing test is the first step in properly addressing a hearing and communication concern. Without one, we don’t really have the information we need to begin a treatment plan. Our in-depth hearing test consists of the following:

  • Taking hearing health and general health history
  • Identifying and documenting your unique hearing and lifestyle communication needs.
  • Hearing and communication goal setting
  • Performing the comprehenisve hearing test inclusive of speech in noise tests.
  • Discussing the hearing test results in clear easy to understand terms and follow up recommedations.
  • If indicated the discussion and demonstration of hearing aid styles, models and levels of technology that are available for trial.

We need to follow this type of process to ensure that we have a complete understanding of whether there is any underlying health or medical issue that may need to be addressed. We also need to be sure that there is no risk of important underlying ear health issues being missed.

Speech Testing

Speech testing should be an integral part of an in-depth hearing test. It indicates how well you can follow speech at different levels. In this test procedure we present speech at different levels of volume which allows us to understand how you perceive speech and where the problem sounds lie. Which brings us onto speech in noise testing.

Bottom of Form

Functional speech in ‘noise hearing’ hearing test is important

A functional speech in ‘noise hearing’ test should also be an integral part of an in-dpeth hearing test. It shows how well you can follow speech in the presence of competing background noise. We include sentences in the ‘noise hearing’ tests so we can objectively measure how well the individual is able to follow speech in typical competing noise environments. This information is very useful.

Hearing tests for real-world problems

These hearing tests give us a clear idea about how well you are really doing in real-world listening environments.

You can read more about the different hearing tests we provide in Perth here.