Hearing Test

Free Hearing Test

Online hearing Test

This screening tool makes it easy to find out if you have hearing loss and approximate degree of hearing loss. It only takes about 5 minutes and you’ll instantly receive your results.


Free hearing test at Perth Hearing Clinic.

Available for anyone over the age of 18 and no referral is required. Our Audiologist will inspect your ears. Then test your hearing at four important frequencies and discuss the results.

Remote Hearing Test

Our Remote Hearing Test that enables you to have an accurate hearing test in the comfort of  you own home. No need to travel to a busy hearing clinic.

Simply order the Remote hearing Test kit and an appointment is scheduled with the Tele-Audiologist. It is easy to use and your Audiologist guides you through the test with live video chat. Your your hearing test results are discussed and any follow up recommendations.

Diagnostic Hearing Test

Our Diagnostic Hearing Test is recommended to determine the severity of hearing loss and the likely causes of hearing loss. Our Audiologists will discuss the results and any follow up recommendations in a clear manner.

If necessary a Hearing Test Report will be forwarded to your Doctor.

We schedule between 60 and 90 minutes for the full Diagnostic Hearing Test to give us opportunity to discuss and demonstrate hearing aids if it looks like they will be beneficial.


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