Hearing Test

At Harmony Hearing & Audiology we provide four types of hearing test. These include an online screening that can be launched from our website. A free or full diagnostic hearing test conducted at one of our clinics. Also, you have the option of a home hearing test which is conducted remotely.

Online Screening

Our online hearing test is a quick and easy screening that takes about five minutes. It uses your own headphones or ear phones connected to your smart phone or computer to deliver the test tones to your ears. The results of the screen will be clearly shown. Subsequently you can receive a recommendation for a diagnostic hearing test based on the screening results.

Online Hearing Test
Online hearing test is a screening for hearing loss.

Free Hearing Test (In Clinic)

We provide a free hearing test for over 18 year olds at one of our Perth clinics. You do not need a referral. Our Audiologist will take a look in your ears with an Otoscope to make sure there is no wax or debris obstructing the ear canals. To obtain accurate results we may need to remove any wax or debris that is obstructing your ear canals. At Harmony Hearing we use ear irrigation and micro-suctioning under microscope to provide this service.

Your Hearing Thresholds

The test is performed by placing headphones over your ears. You respond with the push of a button every time you hear the tones of each pitch. So you press the response button no matter how faint they seem. This is because we are aiming to record the very softest tone you can hear at each frequency. The volume that you hear the tones is measure in decibels (dB) for a specific pure tone. So the faintest level you can hear a tone is your threshold for that tone. Under calibrated headphones we test a broad frequency range 250 Hz through to 8000 Hz. As a result of recording of your thresholds a graph called an Audiogram is produced.

Diagnostic Hearing Test (In Clinic)

A Diagnostic Hearing Test consists of a battery or group of smaller tests to comprehensively show hearing levels and nature of your hearing loss. It also it helps identify any contributing ear health conditions or diseases. If the online screening or free check identifies you as having significant hearing loss then it is a good idea to book in for the full diagnostic. This is important for best long term outcomes and maintaining health. When the results indicate a potential ear disease or pathology we prepare a report letter and send it to your General Practitioner. Some types of hearing loss can be remedied through medical intervention rather than hearing aids.

Fee for Full Diagnostic Assessment with Report

As a much more involved assessment we charge $120 and schedule a 90 minute appointment. So this gives us adequate time too discuss the results, demonstrate hearing aids if required and complete areport letter to accompany the results to your doctor.

Diagnostic Hearing Test
Free or Diagnostic Hearing Test conducted in clinic in sound proof booth

Home Hearing Test

Our Innovative Tele-Audiology also called Remote Care enables you to have a properly calibrated air conduction hearing test in the comfort of your own home. Or wherever you are. So you simply contact us to schedule a home based appointment. Then we register mail the test equipment to your home which usually takes 2 -3 days anywhere in Australia. Upon receiving the equipment we conduct a telephone call to guide you through the easy set up and administration of the test. For more information on our at home services please see https://harmonyhearing.com.au/hearing-test/online-hearing-test/hearing-test-at-home/ As your Audiologist we can communicate via Phone, Video Call and Smart Phone Apps compatible with many hearing aid models.

In-Situ Audiometry

Many new hearing aid models can produce test tones to obtain a type of graph of your hearing levels called a Sense-gram or In-situ-gram. So these results are in turn used to accurately program hearing aids to your hearing loss levels.

For a useful information resource on the range of hearing assessments available please see https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/conditionsandtreatments/hearing-tests

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