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Harmony Hearing offer comprehensive hearing tests and hearing care, allowing you to detect hearing loss and discover comprehensive audiology solutions.

If you have been experiencing hearing concerns, or are due for a hearing test, there’s never been a better time to check in on your hearing health, and get a hearing assessment. Completing a simple hearing test can provide a clear picture of your hearing health, and help you to take any necessary steps towards better hearing. 

At Harmony Hearing & Audiology, we offer a range of hearing tests - ranging from a simple online screening, to fully comprehensive auditory assessments in our Perth clinics. 


How Our Hearing Assessments Work:

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Free hearing test


Remote hearing test

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Full assessment and diagnosis

Free hearing test

A free hearing test is the easiest and fastest way to do a quick overall check of your hearing. There are two ways you can take our free hearing test: online on your device with a pair of headphones, or at one of our audiology clinics in Perth. 

How our free hearing tests work

With our free online test, we will start by asking you a few questions about your general hearing experience. We’ll then play a series of sounds through your headphones and record your responses to them. Using these, we’ll be able to generate an estimate of whether you have hearing loss in either ear. You can receive your results in as soon as 5 minutes.  


You can schedule a free hearing test with us at one of our hearing clinics in Perth. During this 15-minute hearing test, our audiologists will examine your ears and test your hearing at four important frequencies. Depending on your test results, we may recommend a more comprehensive hearing test to investigate any potential hearing issues. 

Remote hearing test

Not located near one of our hearing clinics? Our remote hearing test is part of our tele-audiology service and is accessible from anywhere across Australia. With this test, you will be able to get an accurate hearing test result from the comfort of your own home. The remote hearing test can be done via a test kit that we will send to you, or if you already have hearing aids, through a video conference where our audiologists will connect to your device. 

Test your hearing remotely from the comfort of your home

Start by ordering a remote hearing test kit from us. We will post the kit to your address and include detailed instructions on how to use it. Once you have completed all of the steps, our audiologists will schedule an online appointment to discuss the results with you. 

If you have hearing aids, our audiologists can perform an in-situ audiometry by connecting to your hearing aids and testing them over a video call. In this online appointment, we will produce test tones in your ears to determine your level of hearing and help make any adjustments to your hearing aid device. 

Diagnostic hearing test

Our diagnostic hearing test is a 60 - 90 minute comprehensive assessment performed by an audiologist to evaluate the functionality of your auditory system. The test aims to identify and measure the degree and type of hearing loss, if present. Using the result from this test, we’ll be able to create a personalised treatment plan to help you hear better.

What’s included in a diagnostic hearing test

During the diagnostic hearing test, our audiologists will: 

  • Gather information about your ear and hearing health
  • Inspect your ear canal for any visible abnormalities, blockages, or signs of infection
  • Record your reactions to test tones of varying frequencies and intensities to develop an audiogram
  • Test your ability to understand speech at different volume levels and under different noise conditions
  • Perform a tympanometry test to evaluate how well you middle ear is working
  • Provide expert counselling and recommendations for hearing aids, if necessary
Diagnostic Hearing Test

Protect your hearing with a professional hearing test

Completing a professional hearing test with an audiologist is the most reliable way to determine if you have any prevailing hearing conditions. A hearing assessment is also a vital step in monitoring the health of your hearing and ears. At Harmony Hearing, our hearing specialists are ready to help you diagnose your hearing ability so that you can continue to enjoy a high quality of life. Whether it be online, remotely, or within one of our Perth hearing clinics, book a hearing test with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need a hearing test?

It’s a good idea to do a hearing test if you experience any of the following:

  • You have difficulty understanding or hearing other people talk
  • You hear better on one side than the other
  • You experience a persistent ringing or buzzing sound in your ear
  • Your ears have been damaged 
  • Your family has a history of hearing loss
  • You have recently experienced trauma to the head
  • You have been exposed to loud noises for an extended period of time


Even if you do not experience any of the above issues, our audiologists recommend doing a hearing test every 3-5 years if you are under the age of 60, or every year if you are 60 years old and older. 

Can a hearing test check for tinnitus?

Yes, our hearing tests will be able to diagnose if you have tinnitus. The only exception to this is our free 5-minute online test, which will not be able to identify if you have tinnitus. 

How accurate is an online hearing test?

Our 5-minute free online hearing test will only provide a rough estimation of potential hearing loss. For an in-depth analysis of your hearing, we recommend booking any of our tests where you have an appointment with our audiologists, such as our remote hearing tests, or an in-clinic free hearing test. 

Do I need to take a hearing test to get hearing aids?

Yes, doing a comprehensive diagnostic hearing test is an essential step in getting the right hearing aids to assist your hearing ability. Audiologists make use of your diagnostic hearing test results to assess the state of your hearing ability and make a professional diagnosis for the type of hearing aid that will best meet your hearing needs. 

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