FM & Wireless Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing Aid Accessories

The right hearing aid accessories can extend the life of your hearing aids and provide extra features to help you control and use them to their full extent in a variety of situations. This can include remote controls, charging stations, TV adapters, microphones, speakers, bluetooth connectors, filters, guards and more.


Phonak CommPilot ~ The smart 3 in 1 accessory

The Phonak CommPilot brings together the accessibility of wireless connectivity to the telephone, T.V. and MP3 players to name a few. With a built in remote control it allows you to conveniently adjust the volume and program of your hearing aids. Stable connection is maintained for hands free phone conversations. It is the first device that has voice alerts to allow for easy interaction with your hearing aids.

What is F.M. Technology?

An F.M. System is a direct wireless link between a speaker or group of speakers. It is designed to help someone to someone better identify and understand speech in noisy environments. Some F.M. systems work together with hearing aids and can be used between one or more hearing impaired listeners. Other F.M. systems can provide benefit for normal hearing listeners. This guarantees optimum speech understanding in noise. The F.M. is a short range analogue radio signal. An F.M. transmitter microphone is worn or in proximity to the speaker. The transmitter sends the voice signals wirelessly to one or more F.M. receivers. These receivers are either attached to, or link wirelessly to one or more FM receivers. These receivers are either attached to, or link wirelessly with, a listener’s normal hearing instruments.


F.M. Benefits

The result of this direct hearing link is considerably improved speech understanding, especially in difficult listening situations. A classroom environment where ambient noise levels compete with the teachers speech is where FM can greatly increase the child’s ability to follow speech

Car Travel and Shopping Centre Experience

People often struggle to hear and understand conversation during car journeys due to the high background noise level. Likewise, experiences in shopping malls can prove difficult. With FM the difference is remarkable; the child and adult are able to communicate, with great ease.

Benefits for Adults with Hearing Loss

FM technology allows hearing impaired adults to interact fully with friends and family members in situations that they might previously have found frustrating and confusing.

Multi Media FM Transmitters

Multi Media Access

FM transmitters plug straight into any multimedia device’s audio-out jack, letting your child hear sounds such as TV programs, MP3‘s, video games and educational software via their FM receivers, without needing to crank up the volume.

Children with a more severe hearing loss can often only understand speech if they can also lip read at the same time. A FM systems “bridges the gap”, bringing speech sounds directly into the child’s ears and helping out when lip reading is not possible.

Hear the Coach

Hear the Coach Better

Children with hearing issues find it easier to respond to their coach’s instructions when they hear these commands direct, wherever they are on the field of play.

Types of F.M. Systems



The Smartlink+ is Phonak's top of the range Dynamic FM transmitter. It features three microphone modes for varying listening situations. Also features bluetooth connectivity, a hearing instrument remote control and more.



The Zoomlink+ features a versatile Dynamic FM transmitter, 3 microphone port and an audio input. SoftLanding technology. (ensures you do not hear a disruptive bang when the transmitter is placed on a hard surface FM Transmitters and Accessories

Easy-Link-300x1911 (1)


Phonak’s most easy-to-use transmitter, EasyLink+ features just one button and a single microphone mode. An easy-to-use transmitter featuring one configurable microphone mode, a single activation button, and an audio input. Compatible with all Phonak FM receivers.



Phonak’s popular Dynamic FM teacher transmitter is designed for use in mainstream, special and deaf schools. Available with a lapel or mini-boom microphone, Inspiro offers numerous industry-leading features including;

‘Adaptive FM Advantage’ (AFMA) – an algorithm that separates out and emphasizes the teacher’s voice signal over the surrounding noise.



Designed for use alongside Inspiro, DynaMic uses Phonak’s MultiTalker Network technology to ensure other students and teachers can also be heard and understood by FM-wearing children.

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