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Geoffrey Palmer 19/07/2022

Geoffrey Palmer

Completely Changed My Life

During my last year at high school (year 10) I was sweeping the floors at the local newspaper office in Narrogin when the boss offered me a five year apprenticeship in printing. After discussing this with my parents I accepted the offer and remained in the industry for forty seven and a half years. During this period I was continually involved in an environment with printing presses, folding and collating machines etc which were very noisy and I was subjected to this for many years before it became compulsory to wear hearing protection (unfortunately too late). It was in the

David Willott

I now experience excellent sound quality

My Thoughts on the service provided by Harmony Hearing Andrew Mackendrick at Harmony Hearing is the most professional audiologist I have met over the last 15 years of my wearing hearing aids. He is very technically experienced with several different brands of hearing aids and thorough ensuring the best possible adjustments are made for your needs. I have trialled other aids but am more than happy with Andrew’s recommendations. They suit my needs perfectly. I now experience excellent sound quality, the best is being able to hear conversations in a noisy environment like a restaurant. Previously I felt isolated in

Margie Langoulant
Perth, WA

Massive Improvement

I persevered with my failing hearing for many years.  My wife was expressing her frustrations with having to constantly repeat herself. I also struggled in group settings and was reluctant to question what was being said! About a month ago I saw Andrew at Harmony Hearing who conducted a thorough assessment and I was fitted with a pair of Oticon Opn S hearing aids. Since I got my hearing aids there’s been massive improvement. As a Vietnam veteran I attended a conference in mid October 2019 and for the first time ever I was able to hear exactly what was being said. I found Andrew to be

Ken Burton

Considerable improvement over my first set

I have some hearing loss, probably caused from a number of years of exposure to the workplace noise in farming. After an internet search of providers and the after sales service commitment which was offered, I decided to make an appointment with Harmony Hearing. I have recently visited Andrew MacKendrick at Harmony Hearing to upgrade my five year old hearing aids. Following an extensive and thorough consultation, I was able to trial different hearing aids for a period which allowed me to experience them in the normal range of situations I am involved in. I was able to use them

Ross Donald

I should have done this years ago

Carol Foster has hearing in one ear only which also has a significant hearing loss. She recently trialled an entry level Phonak hearing aid and a BICROS and was happy with the improvement over her previous aid. She asked to trial the premium Phonak model to see if it would be an improvement in background noise and was delighted with the extra benefit. Following the success of her new hearing aid she encouraged her husband Colin to come into Harmony Hearing for an assessment. He was subsequently fitted with essential level Phonak hearing aids and was very happy with the

Col and Carol Foster

I have my hearing back – My World Has Changed For The Better

After searching online I came across Harmony Hearing. Instead of contacting them straight away I procrastinated yet again. Finally after driving my family and friends mad, I took the plunge and made that initial appointment. It was their best thing I’ve done in a while. After meeting Tony and listening to his advice on choosing the correct hearing aid that suited. I am totally happy. I have my hearing back. Tony and his staff are super friendly and always on hand for any help that is

Yvonne Ender
Nedlands Perth

The right pair of hearing aids

Getting thrown into the world of hearing aids was nerve wrecking. As such, I’m thankful to find Harmony Hearing which not only had very competitive pricing but great service. Tony helped me find the right pair of hearing aids – we tried several until I found the right one! And Jenny was always very responsive and helpful. I would highly recommend Harmony

Anonymous Client
First Time Hearing Aid User
Nedlands Perth

Beyond what is expected

My life changed the day I walked into Harmony Hearing I never imagined how my life has changed dramatically.The service I have received has been wonderful. I could not hope for anything better. Audiologist: Andrew Mackendrick has gone well beyond what is expected of him and I couldn’t be any more

Dimos Kats
Fremantle , WA

You have produced the best hearing experience I’ve had

Dear Andrew, I want to thank you for the excellent job you did in recommending, supplying and fitting my replacement hearing aids. By Taking the trouble to carefully fine tune the instruments, to match my hearing loss, you have produced the best hearing experience I’ve had since I have been using hearing aids, which would be about twenty five years. I’d almost given up, thinking my hearing loss was too severe, but now I am holding conversations I never could have held in recent years, and using the streaming device I can watch TV and hear everything. This has brightened

Perth 6000 , WA

I do not feel disadvantaged because of my hearing loss and can enjoy my life to the fullest

My life has changed as it is wonderful to be able to hear now as I have been so fortunate to have finally found an Audiologist – Mr Andrew Mackendrick, as I am so happy and my story is as follows. Six years ago I had bought from a very reputable company a set of internal hearing aids to the value of $8,500 and although I repeatedly had them remade twice they would fall out of my ears and were the wrong set for me. They were sent away and pieces cut off them to the point I was so

Mrs P. Chose to remain anonymous
Perth , WA

Allowed me to make an informed choice

I had been wearing hearing aids for 7 years and when it came time to replace them, I went online to search for a service provider. Harmony’s independence and the provision of authentic testimonials set them apart from other providers. I’m pleased to say that Harmony turned out to be every bit as good as the testimonials said. The discussion with the Audiologist, information provided and professional expertise allowed me to make an informed choice about the hearing aid that would work best for my hearing loss within budget consideration. The follow up service was more of the same. Many

Phil Readhead
Edgewater 6027 , WA

My life changed the day I walked into Harmony Hearing

My life changed the day I walked into Harmony Hearing I never imagined how my life has changed dramatically.The service I have received has been wonderful. I could not hope for anything better. Audiologist: Andrew Mackendrick has gone well beyond what is expected of him and I couldn’t be any more grateful & happier. The service intrigued me and I felt very comfortable, the advice he gave in what was suitable for me was well beyond what I expected. Thank you for the amazing service for my new hearing aid (Siemens), keep up the great work and I highly recommend

Dimos Kats
Perth , WA

Best value

Re, Harmony Hearing & Audiology, Fremantle WA Hi, this is to let you all know that after having successive sets of hearing aids since 1999, I have finally found an exceptional Audiologist, Andrew Mackendrick from Harmony Hearing & Audiology, who demonstrated his understanding in exactly what is needed in order to get the best possible outcome from a set of high quality hearing aids. In the past, I have been treated by well meaning, friendly Audiologists but I am sorry to say, with limited equipment and high prices. I found that Harmony Hearing & Audiology had the advantage of being

Peter Clausen
Australind, WA, 6233

Exceeded all my expectations

I was reading an article in my local paper one day where it stated a lot of people in their 50’s (and younger) were in denial about how bad their hearing loss was & that they thought they were too young to even consider the possibility that hearing aids may enhance their hearing & quality of life. It went on to say by not addressing it early you run the risk of your ears forgetting certain frequencies making it even harder for hearing aids to give you maximum assistance later on. So at age 53 I decided to have a

Jenny Krouzecky
ILUKA 6028 , WA

Changing my life in so many ways

The service, received at Harmony Hearing was second to none. Andrew performed the most thorough set of hearing tests I have ever had.He then demonstrated how hearing aids could help me. I was unable to afford the aids immediately but Andrew and his staff worked out a way that got them for me much sooner then I thought would be possible. As an Aircraft Pushback Driver I need to be able to hear conversation on several radios while pushing aircraft away from the departure gate and while towing aircraft. I can clearly hear these with my hearing protection (earmuffs) on.

Brad Sheldon
Rivervale 6103 , WA

Positive move

Hi Andrew A quick note to say thanks for your outstanding service in helping me improve my standard of hearing. From my initial late night on-line enquiry, that you even responded to straight away, to the hearing test, advice, trial period, final selection, fitting and review etc it has been a very thorough and professional process. In additional to the service, the value for money after checking other service providers on the same make / model of hearing aids and then your aftercare package of follow up, free batts, domes, cleaning parts etc it really has been a positive move.

Vince Haines
Kallaroo 6025 , WA

Best thing I’ve done in improving communication with my loved ones

Almost 2 years ago I was finding it very difficult to continue my work due to hearing loss. I was referred to a specialist to try and determine the cause of my hearing loss, however a MRI did not locate anything. It was suggested I make an appointment to see an Audiologist and arrange suitable hearing aids. I visited a number of Audiologists in the South metropolitan area and was amazed at the number of hearing aid makes, models, features and prices. After some visits, I had a vague idea on my preferred make and model suitable for my needs.

Frank Rauh
Murdoch 6150 , WA

Big thank you for giving me back my full hearing

Andrew I am writing to say a big thank you for your help in choosing and supplying me with my Seimens Carat 7BX hearing aids and at such a reasonable price. I mean the price alone was enough to seal a bargain but the 7BX hearing aids are the best I have ever had, they truly do deliver the magic of hearing. All the hearing aids I have had in the past only delivered an amplified level of sound where these really do amplify the sounds that I want louder. I would never hesitate to recommend you and your services

Alan Greenwood
Parmelia 6167 , WA

Big difference to my life

I was very pleased with every aspect of buying new upgraded hearing aids from Harmony. I have been wearing aids for about 10 years and never before have I had much choice being committed to once brand. There was no rush or pressurising and I appreciated the months free trial before I had to purchase. The aids themselves have made a big difference to my life especially for phone calls. I would recommend Harmony to Anyone. Thank

Clair O'Brien
Fremantle , WA

On top

From the prompt response when first contacted to the fantastic service throughout the process of trying and buying hearing aids, Tony at Harmony Hearing has continually provided excellent service. I have previously used other hearing service providers, and Harmony Hearing has been far better than the others. On top of that, the price was excellent. I am recommending Harmony Hearing to my

Susie B.
Perth 6000 , WA

Expectations have been very much exceeded

In most cases in life “expectations sadly disappoint”. I am very pleased to say my expectations have been very much exceeded in all my dealings with Tony from Harmony Hearing. From the initial contact to the fitting, to the follow up everything was done in a very friendly and professional manner. The best form of advertising is word of mouth – personal recommendation. I have referred 3 other people and all I am sure will be of the same opinion as myself. Well done Harmony, success is assured for the

A.F. Golding
Perth 6000 , WA

Answered and solved

I was delighted to discover Harmony Hearing and Audiology. What thorough, friendly and very pleasant service they provide. After wearing hearing aids for some years still had some questions to ask and problems to be solved and these were answered and solved very thoroughly and thoughtfully. Thank you for your great service and great prices – I have recommended your company to several friends

Perth 6000 , WA

I am delighted

I was struggling with the concept of purchasing new hearing aids due to my financial situation. It was a ‘chicken & egg situation …unless I could be confident to hear, I wouldn’t manage at work and without work I couldn’t afford new hearing aids. Harmony Hearing helped me navigate through to the final decision and I am delighted with the

June Spina
Carine 6020 , WA


The attention I received was outstanding. A full and detailed explanation of available options and cost. Help in deciding which model was most suitable, decision was easy. When fitted ample time was spent in explaining procedure and helping me fit and attach the hearing aid. Another call was made to ensure everything was going to plan, and it was. Tony Mathers was very consistent and he performed the duty with expertise and good humour. I have recommended your firm to an acquaintance in need of assistance, and extended your virtues to many friends. Thank you Tony very

Ken Pearce
Wembly 6014 , WA

I was really grateful

My Husband and I recently saw Andrew for the first time when I came across Harmony Hearing on a Website. We both have hearing aids in both ears and have been attending a different practice for advice etc. but were not over impressed by the results we were achieving. Andrew was absolutely thorough in his attention, carefully explaining the tests he carried out, one of which we had never experienced previously, although Andrew indicated the test was most important in determining the “set up” of the hearing aid, and making absolutely sure we were getting the best possible results out

Maurine Goodall
Perth 6000 , WA

In both important areas, they did not disappoint

I was first attracted to Harmony through their website as it placed equal emphasis on not only the range of hearing care products available but also the follow up service and support. In both important areas, they did not disappoint and I would recommend Harmony to anyone concerned about their

Barry Watkins
Victoria Park 6100 , WA

The hearing aids are a game changer for me

Hi Tony, Thankyou for the great service. The whole experience was positive. The hearing aids are a game changer for me. Thanks and

Peter Smith
Ocean Reef 6027 , WA

Absolutely Delighted

My Husband and I recently saw Andrew for the first time when I came across Harmony Hearing on a Website. We both have hearing aids in both ears and have been attending a different practice for advice etc. but were not over impressed by the results we were achieving. Andrew was absolutely thorough in his attention, carefully explaining the tests he carried out, one of which we had never experienced previously, although Andrew indicated the test was most important in determining the “set up” of the hearing aid, and making absolutely sure we were getting the best possible results out

Maureen Goodall
Perth , WA

Big change to my life WOW

After being born with Hearing problems and also working in the mining industry for 30+years I had been putting up with being death as a post for a long time. Not to mention that people around me had been putting up with it as well. Time to do something about it! So I would like to say a big thank you to Andrew and his staff for their great friendly service for making big change to my life WOW can’t believe there are so many birds out there in the world that I never heard before. Without the help from

Rob Mavay
Albany 6331 , WA

My hearing now is not perfect, but much better then before

I found Harmony Hearing after having an experience with another hearing centre that is heavily advertised and allegedly not for profit, I was very impressed with the business model of Harmony.. Living in the Northern Suburbs I was seen by Tony in their Osborne Park office. I had previously been given testing by the previous place at a cost. “Tony’s results on my hearing were identical and the same recommendations made. Unlike the previous who would not tell me Model Numbers of the equipment prescribed Tony was up front with the relevant numbers. He did not mind that I could

Col Gilmore
Mullaloo 6027 , WA

Harmony would save me several thousand dollars

Having read the internet testimonials for Harmony Hearing and Audiology, I decided to visit them after having obtained quotes for hearing aids from several other companies. At their clinic I met Audiologist Tony Mathers. Tony impressed me as being a caring and thoroughly professional adviser on the options available to suit my budget and requirements. In little time I discovered that hearing hearing aids from Harmony would save me several thousand dollars so I signed up on the spot. Since then I have received faultless, professional after-sales service and attention. Harmony is a small business. They have few staff, operate

James A. Best
Rockingham 6168 , W.A

My hearing aids are trendy, tiny and work wonderfully well

I am very impressed with the patience, professionalism and understanding shown to me by both Andrew and Tony to help me as an individual with all my hearing challenges. The hearing aids I have chosen are trendy, tiny and work wonderfully well. I can’t thank you both enough. Best wishes and

Virginnia Grazia
Perth , WA

Making my life easier at work

First I would like to thank Tony for making my life easier at work. After visiting a couple of hearing centres I decided to search the internet and came across Harmony Hearing. After reading their excellent reviews and realising Tony actually works from Osborne Park Medical Centre every Monday and Tuesday I thought I’d give me a go. After one visit with Tony, I knew I need not look any further. Tony was very caring and professional on the options available to me. I also realised that the aids from Harmony would save me several thousand dollars. I would recommend

Maria Italiano
Noranda 6062 , WA

I am now delighted to be able to hear distinctly again

Thank you very much Andrew for your patience and professionalism. Andrew encouraged me to try different types of hearing aids to ensure that I was completely happy with my purchase. I am now delighted to be able to hear distinctly again. Thanks also for your encouragement, as I think I was rather in denial regarding my loss of hearing! Keep up the good

Janet Sammons
North Coogee , WA

What a pleasure to regain all my hearing again

Hi Andrew, Thank you very much for your patience and excellent professional advice. I enjoy my Siemens Pure 7bx. Never know what a pleasure to regain all my hearing again! I do not need to tune up my TV loudly and can hear every conversation with my family. I now enjoy more outings to restaurant and family gatherings. Thank you Andrew! I will highly recommend your service to my friends

Louis Leung
Narrogin , WA

I honestly never thought that they would be so good

Hello Andrew, hope all is well… just thought I’d let you know that I am really enjoying my hearing aids, I honestly never thought that they would be so good, I feel that now, after that final adjustment we made, they are working to perfection, words are so crisp and clear, those fine sounds of the car indicator, switching on the radio, sending an SMS and so many other minor sounds are all back again! Thanks again for your patience, professionalism and above all your honesty. Kind regards,

Rocco Papalia
Perth 6000 , WA

These were the answer to a prayer, they are simply brilliant

Over a period of months Andrew tried patiently to find a solution to my hearing loss and find hearing aids that “actually worked” We tried several makes and variations all with limited or no success. My hearing loss varies from severe to almost nil at times. I was resigned to not finding anything that would restore any hearing when Andrew asked me to wait until he went to a seminar on a new Siemens ,the Siemens Binax. These were the answer to a prayer,they are simply brilliant, especially with the attachments,they cost a little extra but BUY them,they are worth

Larry Wilkins
North Fremantle 6159 , AU

It has allowed me to enjoy family gatherings more

Thank you for your comprehensive testing and patient explanation during my first visit. You gave me the confidence to place my trust on your recommendation of Siemens Ace hearing aid. It has allowed me to enjoy family gatherings more. Friends and family do not have to raise their voices or repeat their

Pauline Sim
Thornlie 6108 , AU

I love my hearing aids

Firstly, I love my hearing aids. I can understand my softly spoken daughter with them, I can understand my wife with them and I can hear the world with them. Harmony Hearing & Audiology helped me reconnect. I sort quotes from several Audiologists. Harmony offered more ongoing support and the lowest price. I’ve used Harmony’s ongoing support to tune my hearing aids. Mr MacKendrick listened to my concerns and adjusted my hearing aids, eliminating my

Tim Gamage
South Fremantle 6162 , AU

Hugely impressed

Andrew, Just a short note to thank you for the new pair of ‘ears’. I wanted to record my appreciation for your caring and attentive service. From my initial research on the internet, to my first phone call and the consultation process I was hugely impressed by your desire to provide me with the best solution possible. I was also impressed with the non-pushy nature of the process. Your foremost desire was to ensure that I was completely happy with what I had purchased. Also your investment in the latest technology is testament to your desire to provide the best

Quentin Lewis
Cottesloe 6011 , AU

Now enjoying life to the full again

After many years of wearing hearing aids that just never came up to my expectations & putting up with audiologist telling me I was expecting miracles. Eureka! my faithful mouse guided me to Andrew in Freemantle who put himself out on a weekend to help me as I live in Broome & time was short. Needless to say I was advised & fitted out with expertise & am now enjoying life to the full again with not just my phonak aids but also my Com Pilot which allows me to enjoy telephone conversations once more. Andrew, myself & family can’t

Cyndy McChesney
Broome , AU

I can now understand the full conversation

Andrew, Thank you so much for recommending to me the Com Pilot to go with my hearing Aids, it has been a tremendous help and the best addition to me hearing aids that I could imagine. I find it particularly helpful for receiving phone calls and having the fully adjustable volume control direct to my hearing aids. I can increase or decrease the volume of the callers voice to get it just right and clarity is much improved. The other significant benefit is when the device is connected to the TV. I can vary the volume of a particular programme

Colin Smout
Rosmoyne 6148 , AU

They make so much difference to my daily life

Good Morning Andrew, I have held back until now the weeks end before writing to you. We are still going around in circles off of Barrow Island with a fully loaded Barge on tow. We were hoping to get notification from the Shore as to when we will go and give our barge over for unloading, As of yet we are still not on the movement sheet sent to us via satellite email every day. We do know we are number 3 in line for barge hand over and we hope its by the end of this coming week or

Kenneth Govier
Barrow Island , PH

I can actually join in

Dear Andrew, I would just like to tell you how happy I am with the Bolero hearing aids. They have been so easy to wear and the comfort level is great, my friends still don’t know I am wearing the aids as they are really that discrete. I now don’t feel uncomfortable in conversation with friends, I can actually join in, and I am not saying pardon, or didn’t hear that. Thank you for your service and

Christine McKiernan
Kingsley 6026 , AU

Great to be able to listen with out having to put a lot of effort into trying to hear

Dear Andrew and Steve, I have had numerous hearing assessments over the past 15 years – but nothing as thorough and comprehensive as Andrew gave me. I have so far found the Phonak hearing aids suitable for my life style. I attend Bible Studies and group church meetings in the home. I am now able to hear the number of the hymns given out, also hear the words of the hymns as they are being sung – before it was a jumble. I would not hesitate in recommending Andrew to anyone because of his outstanding service and care. I would

Ann Goodfield
Albany 6330 , AU

I can clearly hear and understand the conversation

Before making an appointment at Harmony Hearing & Audiology I had a problem hearing a conversation in a crowd situation or if a radio close to me was turned on. After having my hearing tested in simulated different situations, Andrew fitted me with appropriate Phonak hearing aids and computer tuned them to my needs. Now it doesn’t matter how many radios are turned on or how big a crowd I am in, I can clearly hear and understand the conversation that I am having. Thanks

Kevin Berry
Emerald 4720 , QLD

I am extremely happy to now enjoy communicating

My name is Gaetano Randazzo, and I made an appointment with Audiologist Andrew Mackendrick, at Harmony Hearing & Audiology, and he expertly fitted me with a pair of Phonak Audeo S Smart hearing aids and T.V. S Link and CommPilot Bundle for which I am really grateful. Andrew had much patience getting the hearing devices to the best outcome for me, and I am extremely happy to now enjoy communicating, listening and hearing to a higher degree of clarity for myself personally and to my family’s relief. Andrew’s expertise in his field and profession come highly recommended, giving me an

Gaetano Randazzo
Mosman Park 6012 , AU

For the first time in years we can talk in the car

I had problems specifically hearing on the phone, as I was working in reception, this was not ideal! Andrew has set my hearing aids so my ‘phone’ ear is set louder than the other side. I am finding this is working well also it is the ear closest to Kev in the car so I can hear him above the radio also! For the first time in years we can talk in the car and the answer is no longer ‘what?’ Should have seen about it years ago! We are leaving here Saturday morning and driving back to

Cheryl Berry
Emerald 4720 , QLD

I received the best possible results

Andrew went to great lengths to ensure that I received the best possible results from my new hearing aids, an unexpected reduction of the Tinnitus is an extra

Colin Davidson
Kelmscott 6111 , AU

The best I’ve had so far

I am very happy with my new Phonak Nano hearing aids. They have had many benefits over other hearing aids that I have used before. Easy to fit Easy to clean Out of sight Because they fit in the ear canal the ear works like it’s supposed to and the hearing aid magnifies the noises that are naturally around you, they do not magnify the strong wind noises like some of the others I have tried. I say they are the best I’ve had so

Jeff Nottle
Guilford 6055 , AU

Significantly increased my quality of life for the better

Knowing that I need hearing aids I had a hearing test with Harmony Hearing & Audiology. I cannot thank the owner, Andrew Mackendrick, enough for his personal and professional attention. His expert knowledge and attention to detail were excellent when fitting me with the correct hearing aid. I now have no problem conversing with anyone not even if there is background noise present. The expertise of Harmony Hearing & Audiology has provided me with comfortable fitting hearing aids which have significantly increased my quality of life for the better. After excellent service and attention I would not hesitate in highly

Roy Creswell
North Fremantle 6159 , WA

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