Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Can I Buy Hearing Aids Online?

Yes, you can purchase hearing aids through our online store. Please see our online store to see our range available to purchase online. We have developed our online store to show our upfront and outstanding competitive prices.

Do I need an appointment when I buy hearing aids?

 Yes, all hearing aids supplied by Harmony Hearing include professional fitting. This can occur either at one of our Hearing Clinics or by Tele-Audiology in the comfort of your own home.

Are Hearing Aids are Medical Devices?

Hearing aids are considered medical devices and need to be tailored to your unique needs. These needs include; Your hearing loss in each ear across the frequency range. Ear anatomy (size and shape). Your lifestyle, communication needs and cosmetic preferences. They are not simply an off the shelf appliance like a T.V. We encourage you to contact us for advice on 1800 020 406 or email: [email protected]

Ensuring Maximum Benefits

We also want to ensure the hearing aids are optimised for you in terms of; Sound Quality, Physical Comfort and Audibility of Speech. Also, that you are effectively guided in their use and maintenance.

Qualified Hearing Care Professional

Your hearing aid fitting will be guided by our highly experienced and accredited Audiologists. This will ensure they are not only optimised, but that you are also confident with their use and management. This can for example include; the use of any smart phone based Apps, Remote Care or Tele-Audiology Set Up, use of additional accessories such as a TV Adapter and cleaning and maintenance of your hearing aids.

What is Tele-Audiology or Remote Care?

We offer Remote Care via our innovative Tele-Audiology Services. Tele-Audiology is a form of Tele-Health where professional services can be provided in the comfort & safety of your own home, office or wherever you are. These services include:

  • Remote hearing tests
  • New and replacement hearing aid fittings
  • Fine-tuning and program adjustments
  • Hearing aid management training.
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