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Oticon prowax miniFit being swapped over

Harmony Hearing & Audiology offers quick and affordable hearing aid repairs from our Perth clinics for faulty or damaged hearing aid devices. Our team of staff are extensively trained in performing professional hearing aid repairs and can restore them to optimal working conditions. 

We understand the inconvenience of not being able to use your hearing aids throughout your daily activities, which is why we offer same-day repairs in Perth for most hearing aid devices.  Depending on what needs to be fixed, we can repair your hearing aids onsite on the same day or post it back to you as soon as possible. 

If you are an existing client at Harmony Hearing, you may be eligible for our complimentary hearing aid repair service as part of our current services. For all other clients, we still offer repair services at affordable rates.

Hearing Aid Brands We Can Repair

Harmony Hearing works with leading global brands and can offer hearing aid repair services for the following brands:

  • Phonak
  • Oticon
  • Starkey
  • GN Resound
  • Signia
  • Unitron
  • Widex
  • Bernafon

Repairs that are still covered under the product’s warranty may need to be returned to the manufacturer for repair, and we can do this on your behalf. Simply pass your hearing aid device to us in person or via mail, and we will ensure that it is sent to the correct location for warranty repair. 

For hearing aid repairs that are not covered under warranty or not included in the list above, we will still be able to offer repair services. Contact us via a call or email for more information about your repair needs. 

Signs Your Hearing Aids Need To Be Repaired

Hearing aid technology has been developed to include protective features which prevent the device from being damaged through everyday wear and tear. Unfortunately, there are still several ways in which an aid can break down, become faulty or suffer physical damage. These include:

  • Damaged tubing
  • Ear mould blockages
  • Open battery compartment
  • Dirty or corroded battery contacts
  • Clogged sound outlet
  • Blocked microphone opening
  • Broken faceplate

If you experience the following while using your hearing aid device, it is possible that it is damaged and in need of repair. These signs include:

  • A howling or whistling sound
  • A distorted or ‘fuzzy’ sound
  • No sound
  • Volume doesn’t stay fixed
  • Ear moulds consistently fall out
  • Sound is weak, especially during phone calls
Signia Pure Charge & Go IX Black Pair

Frequently Asked Questions

My hearing aids are not working well, are they still safe to wear?

In general, if your hearing aids are not working as intended or are causing you discomfort when worn, you should refrain from wearing them until they are professionally repaired. This is because poorly programmed hearing aids can potentially damage your ears and hearing further if not properly calibrated. If you are experiencing hearing difficulties, it's best to consult a qualified audiologist who can assess your hearing and provide appropriate recommendations for your specific needs.

How long do hearing aid repairs take?

Our front of house staff are trained in a variety of hearing aid repairs. In some cases repairs may take only a few minutes. It may simply be a case of exchanging a faulty receiver for example. For more extensive repairs your hearing aids may need to be sent to the specific eastern states manufacturer. These  repairs typically take around 10 business days.

Repairs may also need to be done by the manufacturer due to the requirements of the product warranty, so the hearing aid device will need to be sent over to that manufacturer's or hearing aid brand location.

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