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Safe & Comfortable Ear Wax Removal

At Harmony Hearing, our team of ear care specialists provides gentle ear cleanings and earwax removal. Rather than using cotton buds or Q-tips, we utilise a micro-suction technique using a vacuum system.

Certified Ear Wax Removal and Cleaning

Our ear wax removal procedure has proven highly effective for most of our patients. Occasionally, a softening agent may be necessary for a few days before safely removing the wax blockage from your ear canal.

Should you have any concerns or queries regarding this procedure, feel free to contact us today. Our Audiologists and ear care specialists are available to thoroughly explain the procedure and offer expert guidance on maintaining and safeguarding your hearing aid.

Our ear wax removal procedure can be quickly completed in a matter of minutes without any pain or discomfort and does not require a referral unless you have an ear infection in which case, prior medical treatment will be required.

What Causes Ear Wax Build-up?

Ear wax, also referred to as cerumen, is a naturally occurring waxy substance generated by our ear glands that acts as a protective barrier to trap dust, debris, and harmful microorganisms, from reaching the delicate structures of the ear, such as the eardrum.

Normally, ear wax dries up and naturally exits the ear canal. However, around 6 per cent of individuals experience earwax blockage, which is particularly common among those using hearing aids.

How Earwax Build-Up Can Affect You

Significant earwax blockage can cause you to experience the following symptoms:

  • Constant earaches
  • A sense of being "blocked" in the ear
  • Persistent ringing (tinnitus)
  • Itching

The discomfort resulting from earwax build-up can vary from mild to severe, posing a big problem for individuals using hearing aids who have to decide between improved hearing effectiveness and seeking relief from discomfort throughout the day. 

Undergoing our professional ear wax removal service will help provide instant and long-lasting relief in a safe and effective way.

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Why do we produce ear wax?

Ear wax serves as a natural antibacterial agent and insect repellent while also trapping dust and debris. In fact, a small quantity of ear wax provides several beneficial functions.

Is it bad to clean ear wax out from our own ears?

The ears have a self-cleaning mechanism where cells grow from the Tympanic membrane outward, gradually moving debris and excessive wax out of the ear. As these cells migrate, they effectively sweep away impurities, aiding in natural ear cleaning.

By inserting objects such as cotton buds or hair clips into the ear canal, we disrupt the ear's natural cleaning process. This action tends to compact wax deeper, resulting in impaction against the ear canal walls. The compacted wax can dry out and harden, complicating its removal. Additionally, this practice poses the risk of scratching the sensitive ear canal skin, potentially leading to bacterial introduction and infection.

Why do some people produce more wax than others?

Earwax accumulation is affected by both hereditary and environmental aspects. Occupational exposure to heat and dust may speed up the accumulation. Also, as we age, there can be an upsurge in the body's production of earwax.

Will putting a hearing aid into my ear going to cause wax problems?

Often custom fitting hearing aids that occlude the ear more especially devices worn for prolonged periods of time may increase the likelihood of wax accumulation and conditions that lead to external ear canal infections.

In such cases, having a professionally trained clinician to remove the wax and debris safely is essential in maintaining ear canal health and optimum hearing aid function.

What techniques do you use for safe, gentle and effective ear wax removal?

We use a unique combination of techniques that have been developed over numerous years of practice and under the guidance of an experienced Ear Nose and Throat specialist Dr Alastair Mackendrick and a training course with Phonak Australia.

How is this service performed?

This is where we use a quality stereo microscope to accurately view the ear canal and use a specialised vacuum system to gently suction away any wax and debris.

If the wax is very dry and impacted we will use a softening solution with an ear lavage wash system that puts out multiple streams of solution in warm water. It is not rough like an ear syringe which sprays a forceful jet of water directed toward the sensitive ear drum.

The wax readily absorbs our solution allowing for more effective micro-suctioning.

We can also use small curettes and forceps to carefully mechanically remove debris where required.

What techniques do you use for preventing ear infections?

We use a patented, naturally occurring antibacterial and anti-inflammatory solution to soothe ears after cleaning and minimise the chance of infections.

How often would you recommend a hearing aid user visit to have their ears checked and ear wax removed?

That can vary on an individual basis but to ensure optimal ear canal health and hearing aid function approximately every six months. People with rapid wax accumulation would benefit from a quarterly visit. I have had people notice a reduction in their tinnitus after removal.

Do other hearing aid dispensers provide this service?

No, this service is unique to Harmony Hearing. Almost all other practices defer the duty by sending people to their GP usually for rough syringing by the nurse or, if required, they are referred further on to an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist. 

This lengthy process results in big delays in optimal hearing and aid functioning. Many ‘dispensers’ without the appropriate facilities put people's hearing aids in despite there being hazardous amounts of wax and debris present.

Where can I make an appointment to have this excellent service?

Call our main line on 1800 02 04 06 or book online to make an appointment and please see our great real client testimonials on the Harmony Hearing website.

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