Reporting to your GP

Ear Nose & Throat Surgeon Referrals

We can always provide report of our findings to your GP or Ear Nose & Throat Surgeon if it is required. We have many years of experience providing medical reports and can use this experience to notify your GP or ENT specialist of any findings that may be relevant and important for them to be aware of.

There can be numerous reasons the test results may require further investigation. For example; An unexplained sensori-neural asymmetrical hearing loss can be due to an acoustic neuroma (a slow growing tumour) on the Auditory nerve. Or there may be a fungal infection in the external ear canal. If such conditions are not picked up and referred on for appropriate treatment there can be a whole host of longer term consequences to your ear health, hearing and overall health.

Following best practice protocol

Any good Audiologist that follows best practice protocol will know what indicators warrant further investigation. For example, an unexplained sensori-neural asymmetry of 10dB HL at two adjacent frequencies or 15dB at one frequency is enough to trigger the need for Specialist investigation. Especially in the presence of other symptoms such as tinnitus or vertigo.

Over the last 15 years of practice I’ve referred numerous clients for medical investigation on the basis of an unexplained asymmetry and at least three had MRI scans that found acoustic neuromas present. I recall correspondence from Professor Atlas a renowned E.N.T Specialist in Perth informing me that my referral had helped them detect a very small acoustic neuroma in a gentleman that they would be monitoring moving forward.

Unfortunately, the hearing health care industry is relatively unregulated and has become corporatized and competitively sales driven. The focus has shifted from health to the provision of products as the solution. At Harmony Hearing we maintain a health first approach.

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