Signia Hearing Aid Accessories

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Siemens Signia Streamline Mic

Signia Streamline Mic


Signia Streamline Mic enables connectivity to all smartphones whether Android or Apple IOS. The Streamline Mic also functions as a remote microphone to help you hear in challenging environments. The speakers voice streams directly into your hearing aids.

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Signia Hearing Aid Receivers


Replacement Signia Hearing Aid Receivers in various sizes and power levels to suit most hearing levels, ear sizes and shapes.

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Signia Connexx Hearing Aid Click Sleeves


Signia Connexx click sleeves are used to couple Signia hearings aids with the ear canal. They are small flexible silicone coverings that attach to the end of your hearing aid receiver (speaker unit). They are compatible with select: SigniaSiemens and Rexton hearing aids. Correct Size and Style is vital in optimal hearing aid performance.

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Signia Connect click domes

Signia Connexx Hearing Aid Click Domes


Signia Connexx Click domes are compatible with Signia and Rexton hearing aids. They optimise your hearing aids for acoustic performance, security and comfort.

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