Hearing Aid Selection & Fitting

Adjusting and Fitting Your Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Selection

The most suitable style of hearing aid and which model is best depends of a variety of factors. The type of hearing loss, the degree of hearing loss, lifestyle environmental conditions, social conditions, an individuals dexterity and budget are just a few of the factors considered in the selection of an appropriate hearing aid. As an independent audiology practice you can rest assure that the hearing aid(s) we recommend for you will not be influenced by manufacturer contracts. We will recommend the product that is best for your particular hearing needs.

Hearing Aid Programming

A successful hearing aid fitting that provides necessary benefits to the individual is dependent on both the appropriate selection on the style of hearing aid as well as how accurately the hearing aid is programmed. We provide a superior hearing aid programming service by using cutting-edge technology not available at most hearing aid facilities. This includes the use of simulations of speech in real world environments in the programming process. We attain high rates of satisfaction and usage of hearing aid we program because people love the difference they make and the benefits they experience. We can also re-program hearing aids for clients who’ve purchased them else where but have not previously been happy with them.

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Digital Programming:

Modern digital hearing aids have hundreds of parameters that can be adjusted to more accurately accommodate the patient’s hearing needs. We perform all programming in front of the client using their hearing evaluation results and subjective preferences. When a hearing aid is ordered all programming and follow-up appointments are included in the cost of the hearing aid. It may be necessary to make several adjustments after the patient has worn the new hearing aids for a period of time. It does take time for the brain to acclimatise to the new sounds the individual experiences in day to day life.


Real Ear Measurements:

Because everyones ear is shaped differently, it effects the way sound reaches the eardrum. A man’s ear and ear canal can be larger the a woman’s for example. The hearing aids therefore need to be programmed suitably to account for differences in ear canal morphology. To accurately do this we routinely use real-ear probe tube microphone measurements. This is a physical measurement of how much sound is actually reaching the eardrum. These important measurements enable us to program the hearing aids to a much higher degree of accuracy when compared to facilities that don’t include real ear measurements in their fitting process. It is a requirement of the Commonwealth Hearing Services programme that real ear measurements are included in any fittings to ensure that sound levels produced by hearing aids in the individuals ear canals are within safe and comfortable levels.


Environmental Stimulation:

A common complaint from hearing aid wearers is that the hearing aids sound fine in the Audiologists office, when things are quiet, but may not perform so well in real world everyday environments. To solve this problem, we’ve installed a surround system in our programming room which we use to present real-word sounds such as restaurant background noise. We use this system routinely to address programming concerns as well as to demonstrate the noise reduction features of the hearing aids.

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