Harmony Hearing & Audiology was established to provide a harmony of excellent service and outstanding competitive prices on hearing aids and related products. Our up front transparent low hearing aid prices and flexible itemised service packages ensure the best value in the industry.

Up Front Prices, Transparency & Trust

Our values include honesty, openness and transparency. We strive to foster long term trusting relationships with our clients.

We hope that by detailing our flexible service packages and hearing aid prices up front you can see you are getting the best value.

Our Informative Non-Pressuring Approach

To this day most of our clients come to us through word of mouth recommendation.

Many of our valued clients express their gratitude at the life changing difference we make. They describe their appreciation for our thorough service and non-pressurising informative manner. This is evidenced in the great client testimonials and stories we have received over the years.

Most larger companies in Australia hide their scarily high hearing aid prices. They will not disclose their hearing aid prices whether you enquire online or by phone call and ask for a quote.

At Harmony Hearing we provide the highest quality of hearing health care. Your primary sense of hearing deserves access to the best hearing aid technologies and services to maximise long term benefits. Our Audiologists are highly experienced and afford generous appointment times whether delivering services from our state of the art hearing centres or by Remote Care. We offer up front transparent prices with our hearing aid products and flexible service packages so you can be assured you are only paying for what you need and getting the very best value.

I established Harmony Hearing in the aim of maintaining a balance of best practices with professionally staffed hearing clinics. Still provide relatively low hearing aid prices without necessarily having to be the cheapest. The name Harmony Hearing was chosen to imply the harmony you gain from better hearing and improved communication with those in your life. I wanted the name to indicate the benefits attained rather than the product and its price. You want the outcome and to leave the process to the professionals.

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