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Providing high quality audiology and hearing care services across Australia via TeleHealth.

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Getting your hearing checked is a vital part of staying on top of your health. And with Harmony Hearing’s teleaudiology services, you can receive high quality hearing care right from the comfort of your home.

Our expert audiologists can assess your hearing needs, make adjustments for your hearing aids, and provide treatment and advice through online consultations - whether it’s over the phone, a face to face video conference, or a dedicated app for your hearing aid.

We can extend our remote hearing care services to you no matter where you are in Australia, from Perth in WA (where we are located) to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. Book an online appointment with us today to start your journey toward better hearing.

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Remote Audiology Services We Provide:

Home hearing test (2 types)

Hearing aid programming and adjustments (Real World & Real Time)

Hearing aid coaching in use and management (Video chat & demo’s)

Routine follow up consultations

Tinnitus treatment & counselling

Auditory training as part of rehabilitation

Consult Your Audiologist Via:

There a several ways you can have a remote consultation with your Audiologist.

Phone Call

You can make a time to have a phone consultation with your Audiologist. We typically recommend this option if you do not have access to a device with a camera for video calls.

Video Call

You can have a video call with your Audiologist using most video call applications including Zoom, Skype and Facetime. Simply line up a time. Having the visual cues of a video call really helps ease of communication especially for people with hearing loss.

Applications (Apps)

Most leading hearing aids brands provide an App that can be downloaded to your smart phone or tablet that embeds a video call facility, In-Situ hearing test and hearing aid programming.

TeleHealth Audiology Covers:

Remote Hearing Tests

Test your hearing from the comfort of your home with our remote hearing tests. We offer two types of remote hearing tests:

Remote Hearing Test Kit

Upon choosing this option, we will send a remote hearing test kit to your home via post. This test kit contains detailed and easy-to-follow instructions that you can conduct on your own to receive medically accurate hearing test results. After you have completed the test, you will be able to see your results in real time during a follow up consultation with our audiologists.

In-situ Audiometry (Senso-gram)

This hearing test is designed to be done with hearing aids. By connecting directly to your hearing aid device, our audiologist can remotely measure your hearing responses by producing test tones in your ears. Using this data, our audiologists can identify any hearing issues you may have, or track the progress of your hearing health.

Tinnitus Diagnosis, Treatment & Management

Our remote audiology services can assist in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of tinnitus. Tinnitus can be a debilitating condition to live with, but its impact on your life can be mitigated with proper specialised treatment. Our audiologists will conduct hearing tests to determine if you have tinnitus, and provide strategies through counselling to help you manage the symptoms.

Hearing Aid Testing & Calibration

Your hearing aids will need to be adjusted over time to match your level of hearing. A remote audiologist can help to carefully identify and adjust the sound settings of your hearing aids to provide greater sound quality and clarity, through in-situ audiometry over a video call. This process will involve the audiologist producing test tones in your hearing aids and recoding your responses to find out how they can be better adjusted.

The Benefits of Harmony Hearing’s Remote Care


Easy, quick access to appointments is the comfort & safety of your own home or anywhere. No need to commute into a busy clinic. This saves the hassles and expense of having to drive in, park and wait in the clinic for your appointment. You are not isolated by distance or due to immobility from illness, frailty or injury. You still receive face to face communication (via video chat if desired).


Why risk attending a public clinic visited by many people from all walks of life when you don’t have to? Remote Care maintains safe social distancing and you still keep in touch.

Real World Programming:

Your hearing aids are programmed in your ‘real world’ environments. Whether that’s at home, the workplace or an environment of your choosing. Traditionally hearing aids are programmed in a clinician’s quiet office and you just have to hope that the adjustments translate to real world benefit. Now you can talk with those around you and immediately see whether any adjustment has made an improvement.

Real Time Programming:

Relay feedback immediately to your Audiologist to guide further fine tuning. This saves a lot of back and forth frustration. It enables us to more accurately and efficiently set the hearing aids just right for you in your places of communication.

Cost Efficient – Save Time, Energy & Money:

As well as reduce the costs and time associated with having to attend a clinic in person our efficient Remote Care service enables us to offer some of the most competitive hearing aid prices in Australia. We are globally competitive.

Timely access to quality services:

Research is showing that Tele-Audiology services delivered remotely are just as those in traditional in-person consultations. You are afforded more frequent & timely access to our care. This is great for individuals with fluctuating hearing loss. as timing is everything.

How to Get Started with Harmony Hearing

Getting started with our remote audiology and hearing care services is easy. Simply book an online appointment using the form on this page and include details about the issues you are facing with your hearing.

Based on the information you have provided, you team will reach out to you shortly with our recommendation for the type of remote audiology service you need, whether it’s a remote hearing test, teleconsultation, or other types of remote hearing care.

Recommended Apps for Remote Hearing Aid Support

Most globally recognised hearing aid brands have a dedicated app that can be used to configure your hearing aid device remotely. To help our remote audiologists in testing your hearing aids, we recommend that you download the following applications on your smartphone or other device prior to consultation.


Hearing Aid Brand Hearing Aid Application 
Oticon Oticon ON

Oticon ConnectLine App

Phonak Phonak Guide App

Phonak RemoteControl

Resound ReSound Smart

ReSound Control

ReSound Relief

Widex Widex BEYOND
Signia Signia touchControl
Signia myControlSignia miniTek Remote App
Unitron Unitron Remote Plus
Starkey Starkey TruLink
Bernafon Bernafon EasyControl-A

Bernafon SoundGate

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