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As a locally owned, independent hearing aid provider we are able to keep our marketing and management costs lower than the competition.

As an Independent we provide all brands and styles of hearing aids, including Oticon, Phonak, Starkey, Signia, Resound.

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Sennheiser ConC 400 Ear Buds and Charger

Sennheiser ConC 400 Wireless Ear Buds


ConC 400

About the Sienheiser ConC 400 lets you live life fully with effortlessly clear conversations. Whether you are holding a conversation in a crowed environment such as a noisy restaurant, or office, making a phone call or want clearer speech whilst streaming content. These wireless ear buds keep your world in focus.

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Sennheiser TVS 200

Sennheiser TVS 200


With the Sennheiser TVS 200 transmitter you can personalise your listening experience in shared television watching spaces like family rooms or bedrooms. Clarity of the dialogue is boosted and drawn out of the competing background music and sound effects. It is a true wireless design so you aren’t feeling encumbered with cables or wires.

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Zvox AccuVoice 157 TV Speaker

Zvox AccuVoice AV157 TV Speaker with 12 Levels of Voice Boost


With the ZVox AccuVoice AV 157  TV Speaker/Sound Bar following the dialogue of your favourite TV shows is easy. The AV157 uses 12 levels of dialogue boost  – 6 stages of AccuVoice boost plus 6 stages of our new SuperVoice technology.

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