Try Before You Buy

Hearing Aid Trials

At Harmony Hearing we believe it is important to ‘try before you buy’, so we provide hearing aid trials Perth and beyond. This is because we want you to experience the great benefits they provide. Also, to be confident they are the best hearing aid style and option for you. This is especially important for someone who is new to hearing aids where there is a period of adaptation. It also affords time to develop good management skills and habits.

Trial them in different environments

It is recommended to trial hearing aids in different environments. For example, at café’s, restaurants, the movies, when playing sport, in the work environment and at social gatherings to really test them out. We aim to help you attain benefit in all your listening and communication environments.

Hearing Aid Trial Perth at a Family Gathering

What is the Hearing Aid Trial Period?

The trial begins on the day that you get the hearing aid and is a set number of days or weeks that you can try the hearing aids where you can return it or exchange it during that time.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone who’s likely to benefit is eligible for a hearing aid trial. An important part of a hearing test is to establish communication goals. These goals help determine whether hearing aids are likely to be of benefit. It is like we can provide a hearing aid trial near you in Perth at one of our four conveniently located hearing clinics.

Can I Trial Hearing Aids if I am Interstate or Over Seas?

Absolutely! Even if you live interstate, overseas or are travelling we can provide a hearing aid trial. For this type of trial you pre-pay for the hearing aids. Then they are express and register mailed to your nominated address. We track the postage all the way to you. The hearing services of a Hearing Test and Hearing Aids fitting with verification are provided with our innovated Tele-Audiology services. You can trial the hearing aids for up to 60 days. If you decide they are not for you, you can return them via registered mail. Upon receiving them we will provide a full refund all except $300 fitting fee and postage costs.

Does the Hearing Aid Trial Provides Insight into the Clinic Providing Those Hearing Aids?

Yes, you will be seeing the Audiologist and Support Staff for the hearing aid fitting as well as at least one follow up appointment after the fitting. So, it is really important to make sure you feel comfortable with the audiologist you are working with and make sure they have your best interests at heart.

At Harmony Hearing we offer two types of hearing aids trials in Perth and across Australia:

Two Week Free Hearing Aid Trials Perth

At our Perth hearing clinics, you have the option of a no money down two weeks free hearing aid trial. We simply sight your identification and credit card details for security whilst the devices are in your care.

Professionally Fitted for an Effective Trial

At the hearing aid fitting appointment, the hearing aids are professionally fitted and verified. They are verified with probe tube microphone real ear measurements (REM’s). We perform these measurements to ensure optimal amplification levels for your unique needs. Please see the following link for the importance of Real Ear Measurement Verification. So the process ensures an effective hearing aid trial. Many hearing clinics across Australia simply program their trial hearing aids to manufacturer prescription without verification which unfortunately can lead to sub-optimal outcomes and disappointment.

Professionally Fitted for the Hearing Aid Trial Perth

Thorough coaching and demonstrations

Our staff ensure you are throughly coached in the effective management of the hearing aids. This ensures an effective trial. You will be shown to use smart phone Apps to adjust hearing aid settings when desired. Also, how your phone calls and media audio can steam directly through some of the best hearing aids. Additional accessories including TV adapters, remote controls and remote microphones will also be set up and demonstrated.

Longer Hearing Aids Trials of 30 days or more is better!

Our second type of hearing aid trial is 30 days or more. We know this is better because it affords more time to try them in different environments. Also, you have more time to adapt and develop good management habits.

For a longer hearing aid trial, we require payment for the hearing aids on the day that they are fitted and taken away from the clinic. If at the final follow up you decide the benefits aren’t great enough to warrant investing in the hearing aids you receive a full refund, all except a $150 fitting fee per hearing aid. This is to cover some of our professional time spent fitting and optimising them. Also there are postage costs and the suppliers charge a fee for returned custom devices.

Split and Multi Brand Hearing Aids Trials Option

Especially with new hearing aid users there can be some uncertainty as to which hearing aid style or technology level will best meet needs and preferences. We are unique and open to providing a split trial of two device styles, technology levels or between brands. For example, you may trial a completely in the canal hearing aid (CIC) for a couple of weeks and then trial a mini behind the ear receiver in the canal (RIC) style hearing aid for a couple of more weeks. As there are merits to each type a split trial will help you make an informed choice. I have described the option of the types of split trials in the following video:

What if I lose the hearing aid during the trial?

We include a year of insurance for Loss and damage beyond repair (DBR) for any hearing aids we provide. So, if you lose one or both hearing aids during a trial we will replace them. However, there is a $550 excess per devices but at least you aren’t having to pay for them in full. Knowing they are insured gives you peice of mind that they are covered in case of loss. Especially important for new users just learning how to manage and put them on securely.

What Happens if I am not happy with my Hearing Aids during the Trial Period?

So the trial period is where we can make adjustments or changes to the technology if you aren’t happy with them. We can always exchange them for another hearing aid model or different technology level. It is our business policy to give you a full refund minus the humble fitting fee if you decide not to keep any hearing aids at the end of the trial.

Fair Hearing Aid Trials

So, whether you go for our two week completely free hearing aid trial (no money down) or decide to go for a longer-term trials (pre-pay for the hearing aids) you have a Satisfaction Guarantee. We want all our clients to become advocates for the great benefits well fitted hearing aids can provide and it is only fair that you get to try before you buy. If you would like to book in with Harmony Hearing for a free hearing aid trial or go for one of our longer term trials simply call 1800 020 406 and our friendly administration staff will schedule a time that suits. Or fill in our online booking form:

There’s an old saying we think applies being “nothing ventured, nothing gained” or “he who dares wins”. So, make the transition to better hearing today!

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