Phonak TV Connector


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The Phonak TV Connector streams your TV audio and other audio devices directly through your Phonak hearing aids for quality stereo sound. You can have the volume at your preferred listening level irrespective of the volume coming from the TV speakers. The microphones are still live on the hearing aids so you can still hear conversation and sounds around you. The ratio of hearing aid microphone input to streamed TV signal can be adjusted to keep you and the wife happy. The signal can transmit up to 15 meters to multiple pairs of paired hearing aids.

The compact little Phonak TV Connector is easy to set up connecting either by the supplied optical or audio-cable and comes with a power adapter and can also be power through USB connection with the TV. It connects to the following Phonak hearing aids: Phonak Marvel, Audeo, Virto, Bolero, Nadia and Phonak Audeo B Direct hearing aids.

Automatic Easy Pairing: Upon activation and connection to an audio source the T.V. Connector will automatically detect the compatible Phonak hearing aids within a meter radius and pair.

Large Range of Streaming: Once paired the TV transmitter will stream the audio signal up to 15 meters.

Multiple Connections: The TV Connector can stream to multiple pairs of Phonak hearing aids simultaneously.


Phonak Tv Connector User Guide

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