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Our team is committed to excellence in hearing health care. We take the time to get to know your unique lifestyle and communication needs. We will work with you to ensure you attain the best hearing care solutions.

As stated in our mission statement, we strive for a balanced approach to both hearing loss prevention as well as rehabilitation. Having come from a Sport Science and Education background, Andrew has always encouraged health preserving practices or preventative medicine. This applies directly to hearing conservation. According the World Health Organisation (WHO) “hearing loss is the world’s most preventable disease.”


Andrew Mackendrick (Clinical Audiologist & Director)

Qualifications: Bachelor of Sport Science (ECU), Graduate Diploma of Education (ECU) & Masters of Clinical Audiology (UWA).

After completing his schooling at Scotch College Andrew went on to complete studies in Sport Science, Education and Audiology. He has a passion for both preventative as well as rehabilitative practices in hearing care. His parents work in the hearing health industry with his father being a practicing Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist (Otolaryngologist).

With numerous years experience working for state and national companies in providing the Commonwealth hearing services programme, Andrew has helped resolve the hearing and communication problems of a diversity of clients where effective communication is essential for their work and general lifestyle.

Andrew previously worked as an Educational Audiologist at the Western Australian Institute for Deaf Education (WAIDE). The experience of working with deaf and hard of hearing children reinforces the importance for functional speech in noise tests that simulate the learning space environment. Such hearing tests provide meaningful feedback as to how the effectively the child is following speech in the learning environment. They also enable us to monitor how effectively hearing aids or listening skill programs are at improving the individuals ability to follow speech in their typical learning or work environments.

“Our team has a view to improve relationships and quality of life for people who live with hearing loss. Our mission is to provide the latest hearing technology and personalised caring service to our clients. We value care, competence and commitment. We are happy to work with you to help improve your ability to hear and communicate.”

Tony Mathers (Clinical Audiologist)

Tony became an Audiologist in 1994 after working as an electronic technician for many years and then completing an Honours degree in Psychology and post graduate training in Audiology at Curtin University. He has worked in many diverse areas in clinical practice over 20 years covering both Adult and Paediatric diagnostic and rehabilitative audiology. He has specialised in both local and rural and remote audiology where his clinical work has taken him from Esperance to Derby and many sites in between. He also specialised in central auditory processing disorders.

He has had an active role in supervising upcoming clinicians through the Masters program and has lectured in Audiology at UWA. Over his twenty years he has worked at many of the large service providers and hospitals: Australian Hearing, Lions Hearing, Audioclinic and Bloom. Through his practice he has developed expert knowledge of all of the major hearing aid brands. Tony moved to our small independent company because it gave him the freedom to select the most appropriate device for his clients, something he felt was missing with the majority of the larger clinics that are owned by hearing aid manufacturers.


Rachel Mackendrick (Administration, Reception & Assistant Director)

Rachel is our friendly administration assistant and receptionist. She has managed a hair salon and gymnasium in the past. She is bright, enthusiastic and passionate about the hearing health industry.

Rachel’s personal experience with her Nan has shaped her attitude and inspired her committment to hearing healthcare. As she says herself, “Nobody should feel alone, isolated, out of touch or helpless because of hearing loss”

Rachel handles enquiries and will help you book your appointment with us.

“Growing up I saw my Nan struggle with her hearing loss. She always put it down to loud noise from working in the factories without ear protection. They were not aware of the repercussions of not wearing ear protection. Nan has always described her hearing loss as living in a silent world. Nobody should feel alone, isolated, out of touch or helpless. There was a solution. After years of hearing difficulty I saw the great benefits my grandmother attained by seeing an Audiologist who fitted her with quality hearing aids. I am inspired to study in the field myself to help others with their communication goals.”
Caroline Photo 2

Caroline (Carol) De Leon Spironello (Administration & Reception)

I am Caroline, a Brazilian living in Perth for over a year now. If you're wondering why I look more European, it's because I have an Italian background. This is a question I have to answer almost every day, but I can't deny that I have fun when people try to guess. I consider myself lucky because I have family here—my father, stepmother, and a cute little brother and sister, all citizens. My boyfriend is also adventuring this crazy immigrant life with me, and our story is a very nice one, but let's leave that for another time.

Sharing a bit of my story, I should start by saying that I gained four years of experience in a healthcare administration company. It was a wonderful experience that made me grow professionally and personally. While working there, I was studying for my five-year graduation in psychology. It was very challenging to manage work and study, but Brazilians usually don't give up. I can say the day I graduated was the best day of my life (I even cried), and my desire to start working was huge.

That's when the story starts to change because one month after getting my certificate and registering to work, COVID hit. All my plans changed, and I had to adapt to this new situation. There were professionals working together for a great cause, and I joined them to help as many people as we could. We offered free online appointments to manage anxiety and fear among them. As I was also stuck at home, I decided to keep studying and enrolled in a post-graduation course for educational and clinical neuroscience.

Life there was not too easy. During these crazy two years, I also lost my big sister, which was one of the reasons that made me decide to come here and stay close to my father. Without further ado, I am really happy to be here and have this amazing opportunity with Harmony Hearing. This year, I also started a master's in counselling and psychotherapy so that in the future, I can practice everything I've learned in these almost seven years of my life.

Just one more thing, it would be nice if you could be patient with me because I'm also learning the language.



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