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We provide the very latest hearing aids and best practice hearing care at our weekly visit service hearing aid centre in Osborne Park. We are there every Tuesday from 10 am until 2pm. Please call us on 1800 02 04 06 or book online to arrange an appointment.

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The Very Best Hearing Aids in Osborne Park

The Latest Hearing Devices From The Biggest Hearing Aid Brands

Being an independent Perth family owned practice we are free to provide hearing aids from all the worlds leading manufacturers. We hold different model hearing aids to provide in clinic demonstrations and allow for extended real world trials. We strive to help our clients make an informed decision as to the style, level of technology and hearing aid manufacturer that best suits their preferences, needs and budget.

There is the option of trialling different hearing aid products from several manufacturers over a 60 day period to help make the best choice. Basic and mid range hearing aid models can also be trialled to determine whether they meet individual needs in everyday life. We will do our best to help you compare these leading hearing aid products.

Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon aims to develop their hearing aids to support the way our brains naturally process and make sense of sound. They have trademarked the term Brain Hearing™ to describe these processes. They have gone as far as to say “we hear with our brains not our ears”.

Phonak Hearing Aids

If you are looking for the best Phonak hearing aids in Perth at outstanding prices, then we are the people you need to speak to. We actually supply all great phonak products as they have an amazing array of accessories all to help people hear better in a variety of settings.

Resound Hearing Aids

ReSound have developed many innovations during their time in the industry. Such things as “Wide Dynamic Range Compression or WDRC” and “Digital Feedback Suppression” which was the first system to effectively eliminate howling and sound distortion. They were also the first hearing aid brand to deliver an open fit hearing aid.

Widex Hearing Aids

Widex is another Danish hearing aid brand. They are well known for their unique sound quality and are seen as a premium hearing aid manufacturer. Their latest hearing aids are the Evoke range which is the first ever hearing aid range with a machine learning feature.

Signia Hearing Aids

Signia is the new brand name for Siemens hearing aids. They have quickly built upon the legacy of Siemens hearing aids offering ever more innovative hearing aids with fantastic sound quality. Their new Nx hearing aids are the only hearing aids to offer a new way of handling the user's voice which makes wearing them easy.

Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron are a sister brand to Phonak, although they share some of the same technology, Unitron offers some unique and outstanding features. Their latest hearing aids are the Tempus range which includes their first rechargeable hearing aids and a Made For Any phone hearing device.

Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey provide a range of hearing aids in all styles, technology and for all levels of hearing loss. They were one of the first to innovate miniaturisation technology to make true custom invisible in the canal hearing aids. The Starkey Sound Lens being on the forefront of very small deep canal fitting hearing aids.

Bernafon Hearing Aids

Bernafon is a Swiss hearing aid manufacturer founded in 1946. They are highly committed to producing outstanding hearing aids. Bernafon became the sister company of Oticon after being bought by William and Demant. Bernafon has representatives in over 70 countries.

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