How Much Does Ear Wax Removal Cost?

May 22, 2024

When the buildup of earwax is not removed over an extended period of time, it can become possible for a blockage to form, necessitating the need for medical intervention – professional ear wax removal.

Ear wax removal is required for a variety of different circumstances; audiologists can remove excess wax with professional tools and technology. Generally, ear wax removal will result in more hearing clarity, pain relief, and remediation of outer ear infections. 

Professional ear wax removal is safer, more effective, and generally the more preferred option over trying to remove ear wax at home. So, how much does it cost to see an audiologist or ear wax removal specialist for a cleaning?

The average cost of ear wax removal 

Average costs for professional ear wax removal sits at the $140 mark, but costs vary widely between providers and can reach up to $300 per session, depending on the circumstances. The reason for this is that there are different treatment methods for wax removal, which can be carried out by a number of ear specialists. 

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Factors affecting the cost of earwax removal 

Treatment methods for earwax removal

There are two main treatment methods for earwax removal, each with its own benefits (and costs) — ear syringing and micro-suction. 

Ear syringing 

With ear syringing treatments, a syringe is used to apply warm water directly into the ear canal. The warm water works by slowly softening and dislodging stuck ear wax deep within the ear which then flows out with the water. This process is usually repeated multiple times and may result in some discomfort as the water stream impacts the sensitive eardrum.  


Micro suction treatments make use of a specialised vacuum system that gently removes ear wax and other debris in the ear. In cases where the ear wax is lodged, a softening solution is applied along with an ear wash system to break down hard pieces for easier removal. This method is generally painless and is widely considered to be the better option for ear wax removal. 

Severity of the condition

Ear wax that has been pushed deep into the ear by cotton buds, improper cleaning, or excessive wearing of in-ear devices can result in blockages that not only affect hearing ability, but also general ear health. 

The more severe the blockage caused by the ear wax, the greater the need for specialised treatment to successfully remove it, which in turn may result in higher costs. In severe cases, manual removal by an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist using specialised tools may be required to remove the wax.

The applying clinician

Most cases of ear wax removal can be handled by a professional audiologist who will be able to administer the appropriate treatment. Seeing an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist for ear wax removal is also an option, but the cost of removal tends to be significantly higher than with a professional audiologist. 

Can I do ear wax removal on my own?

It can be tempting to try and perform ear wax removal by yourself in order to save on the cost of ear wax removal, but any ear specialist (or medical professional) will generally advise against it. 

The inner part of the ear is extremely sensitive, and it can become easily damaged by misguided pokes or prodding. Trying to remove ear wax blockages by yourself without the proper experience and knowledge can potentially result in painful and lasting damage to your ears and hearing ability. Leave ear wax removal to an expert audiologist for a safe and effective outcome. 

Find relief with Harmony Hearing’s earwax removal service

At Harmony Hearing, we offer a safe, gentle and effective earwax removal service using a specialised combination of vacuuming and softening solutions. We also use a patented, naturally occurring antibacterial and anti-inflammatory solution to soothe ears after cleaning and minimise the chance of infections. 

If you find yourself experiencing significant earwax blockage evidenced by ongoing earaches, a ringing sound, or a feeling of congestion in the ear, call our main line on 1800 02 04 06 or fill out our online form to make a booking with our expert audiologist who can remove your ear wax for you. 

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