Perceived Differences of Workplace Noise

June 20, 2024

In the realm of workplace communication, establishing a positive impression, especially when engaging with superiors, is paramount. However, recent research underscores a concerning disparity between employees and employers in this regard.

 A survey conducted among 1,500 employees and nearly 500 benefits professionals focused on assessing perceptions of workplace noise. The findings highlight a significant divergence in how noise levels are perceived by workers compared to employers.

 Key insights from the survey include:

 – More than 50% of employees reported needing to raise their voices for over an hour daily due to high noise levels in their workplace.

 – 36% of respondents indicated dealing with a noisy work environment for at least three hours each day.

 – Remarkably, close to 80% of employers believe their workplaces are seldom noisy, showcasing a notable disconnect from the experiences of their employees.

 The survey also brought to light concerns regarding potential health implications linked to noisy work environments. Nearly half of the participants expressed worries about the adverse effects on their hearing, despite fewer than a quarter having undergone hearing checks in the past two years.

 Additionally, many employees revealed apprehensions about disclosing hearing impairments, fearing repercussions such as employer scrutiny or concerns about being perceived as older if they were to use hearing aids.

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