Oticon Real 3 R Rechargeable Hearing Aid

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Oticon Real 3 Rechargeable hearing aids provide you access to all the relevant sounds with exceptional balance and clarity – while also protecting you from sudden disruptive sounds. This enables you to remain confident, focused and sharp in the real world.

Hearing aids include:

  • 3 years of warranty (5 Years on Select Models)
  • 1 Year of Unlimited Services ~ Hearing Test, Fitting & Follow Ups as required.
  • 1 Year of Insurance for Loss and Damage Beyond Repair*
  • Lowest Price Guarantee (5% Price Beat Guarantee)
  • 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee


Oticon Real 3 R Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Your hearing matters

When hearing works like it should, your brain gets the rich input it needs to understand the sounds around you. But without the real sounds, your brain has to work harder to fill in the gaps, which can be tiring.

Oticon Real hearing aids give you access to your full sound scene using technology that supports how your brain naturally works. Because your hearing matters when it comes to being at your best.

With Oticon Real 3 Rechargeable Hearing Aids you can “Stay Sharp in the Real World”. In march 2023 world leading Danish manufacturer Oticon have launched their latest flagship model Oticon Real to the global market. It introduces a new sound processing platform called Real Sound Technology ™ which is powered by the Polaris R™ chip platform.

Oticon Real builds upon Oticon More by providing you access to all the relevant sounds with exceptional balance and clarity – while also protecting you from sudden disruptive sounds. This enables you to remain confident, focussed and sharp in the real world.

Brain Hearing Technology

Our world is full of rich, complex and unpredictable sounds. Leading research by Oticon shows that we need to provide our brains with access to all meaningful sounds, not just speech. The deep neural network (DNN) of the Polaris R chip platform has been trained with 12 million real life sound scenes. Through machine learning it instantly rebalances any sound scene you are in so that Speech Sound is preserved from any direction. Environmental sounds including sudden sounds are present but rebalanced so that they are not overly invasive.

 Real Sound Technology™  “Helps Users Stay Sharp in the Real World”

Oticon Real utilises a deep neural network with the capacity for machine learning. The system has been trained with 13 million real life sound scenes and has learned the ability to rebalance any sound scene you go into. It provides access to distinct streams of speech coming from all directions even in noisy environments.

Oticon Real Speech Streams

 Environmental sounds are rebalanced in a manner that they provide context without being overly invasive. This supports your brains natural ability to switch attention when desired and attend to the speech or environment more optimally.

The following features contribute to “Real Sound Technology:

More Sound Optimiser

Eliminates the risk of feedback by “proactively” suppressing feedback whilst preserving amplification. Even thwarts feedback usually caused by provocative activities around the ears such as hats or glasses on and off.

More Sound Intelligence 2.0

A balanced sound scene with access to all the relevant sounds. Now includes Wind & Handing Stabiliser.

More Sound Amplifier 2.0

Extremely fast high resolution amplification that follows changes in the sound environment. It now includes Sudden Sound Stabiliser.

New Sudden Sound Stabiliser

In every-day life there’s many thousands of sudden disruptive sounds both loud and soft. A loud disruptive sound can be cutlery or crockery clattering and a soft disruptive sound can be tapping a keyboard for example.

Sudden Sound Stabilisermakes these sounds available to your brain, but not disruptive. It is fast and precise enough to instantly detect when a sudden sound occurs and present it in a balanced non-invasive manner.

For example, you want to be able to hear the sound of your indicators clicking without it stealing your focus or chop vegetables without it distracting you from conversation with your dinner guests. With Oticon Real hearing aids you can stay aware of what’s going on around you without compromising on your comfort or access to speech.

Sudden Sounds Stabiliser works by being very frequency specific and fast so there’s minimal gain reduction therefore loss of speech information. This has been proven to significantly reduce listening effort helping you stay engaged in the conversation. Strikes the right balance and can be personalised to your unique sound preferences.

More Sound Amplifier with Sudden Sound Stabiliser

Wind and Handling Noise Prevention

Oticon Real 3 boasts the world’s first “wind and handling” noise reduction feature. Wind noise refers to the “roaring” sound introduced into hearing aids when wind rushes past the microphones. Handling noise refers to sounds generated from touching near the hearing aid such as hair rustling the microphones or when glasses are taken on or off.

In traditional hearing aid’s there is typically a reduction in a broad band range of amplification to reduce such noise. Consequently, whilst the amplification is supressed there is a loss of valuable acoustic information. Invasive wind noise is one of hearing aid wearers biggest complaints. Enjoying a conversation on a windy day can be a challenge. You want your hearing aids to help you understand your friend whilst preventing the wind noise from being disruptive. New Oticon Real provides the solution.

The wind and handling stabilising feature in Oticon Real detects and cleans up wind and handling noise 500 times per second. It selects the microphone with the cleanest sound input so as to prevent disruptive sound from entering the system. It then reduces the remaining wind and handling noise from the other microphone, but only in the frequencies affected by the noise.A cleaner sound is then passed onto More Sound Intelligence 2.0 helping you receive better access to speech in windy environments.

Direct Streaming of Hands-Free Calls and Audio

As a made for iPhone hearing aid Oticon Real enables hands-free calls and direct streaming on the iPhone and iPad. There’s no need for an intermediary device such as the Oticon Connect clip.

Android (ASHA) Streaming

Oticon Real also allows for streaming from Android devices that feature the ASHA Bluetooth protocol.

 Oticon Companion App

The new Oticon Companion App is lets you fine tune your listening experience. You can also adjust the sound quality of wirelessly streamed Audio such as YouTube video, Podcasts or Music. There’s even a hearing aid finder feature if they get lost.

Connect with Us for Remote Appointments

You can conveniently connect with your Audiologist at Harmony Hearing via your mobile phone or tablet for remote adjustments in the comfort of your own home. Attain real life, real time adjustments where it matters. This tele-Audiology function is easily accessible within the Oticon Companion App.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids with Potent Lithium Ion Batteries

It only takes 3 hours Oticon Real hearing aids to fully charge. They will provide up to 24 hours of wear time or 16 hours plus 4 hours c’ of direct audio streaming. This should have you hearing well through your full waking day. If necessary a quick half an hour charge will give you an additional 6 hours of wear time. 

Oticon Smart Charger

Rechargeable Oticon Real Hearing Aids come with the standard desktop charger which suit most people’s needs. However, you can upgrade to the Smart Charger for only $120.

The Smart Charger has a build in Lithium Ion power pack that holds three reserve charge cycles. With its protective lid closed the smart charger will also provide a hearing aid drying or dehumidifying function to help look after your hearing aids.

Oticon Real and More are the only hearing aids that have a tamper proof battery door that enable your Clinician to swap over the Lithium Ion batteries for fresh ones in the rare event they lose performance or charge. This saves time and inconvenience of having to send the hearing aids to the manufacturer to have the batteries replaced. The Lithium Ion batteries are a consumable item that have a 12 month warranty.

Nine Appealing Colours

Oticon Real is available in nine attractive colours. Some that blend with the wearers natural skin or hair colour and others that stand out like other wearable hearing technologies. Olive green is the latest addition to the colour range. The hearing aid shape blends with the ears natural shape for physical comfort and discretion.

Oticon Real Colours

Compatible Accessory Range

Featuring blue-tooth low energy technology Oticon Real offers an extensive range of connectivity options and compatibility with popular Oticon accessory range including the Oticon T.V. Adapter 3.0, Oticon Connect Clip, Edu Mic and Remote Control.

Oticon Hearing Aid Accessories

Real is Cross Compatible for Unilateral Hearing Loss

Oticon Real is also compatible with two Cross solutions to help people with unilateral hearing loss or single sided deafness.

Oticon Real Cross and Bi-Cross Compatibility

Oticon Real Hearing Aids in Summary (Features & Benefits)

 Oticon Real replaces Oticon More as the latest flagship model. It is offered in 3-technology levels:

  • Real 1 (Premium) i.e. Top of the line.
  • Real 2 (Advanced)
  • Real 3 (Upper Mid-Range)

Please note: At Harmony Hearing & Audiology we believe your primary sense of hearing deserves the best so we encourage our clients to go for the best they can within their budget. That is why we provide some of the most affordable hearing aid prices on Premium hearing aid technology

  • There are 4-Behind the ear styles:
    • Two Receiver in the Canal or RIC Styles. The miniRITE R Rechargable  and  mini RITE T the 312 disposable battery version.
    •  Two mini Behind the Ear that use a tube to deliver the sound into the ear canal. The  BTE R (rechargeable) and  mini BTE T (312 disposable battery version)
  • For the rechargeable model, there are two types of chargers:

Desk Top Charger 1.0 and the Smart Charger

  • Powered by the Polaris R platform.
  • Key RealSound Technology Features:
    • More Sound Intelligence 2.0 (on-board Deep Neural Network):
      • Wind & Handling Stabilizer: prevents wind and handling noise by selecting the microphone with the cleanest sound input and attenuating remaining noise efficiently, in the affected frequencies. Provides up to 30dB noise reduction.
    • More Sound Amplifier 2.0
      • Sudden Sound Stabilizer instantly detects sudden sounds, provides appropriate gain reduction, and instantly releases the gain when the sound ends.
    • More Sound Optimizer for proactive feedback suppression.
  • All Oticon Real styles have a T-Coil and uses Bluetooth Low-Energy:
    • Direct streaming to iPhones and Androids on the ASHA protocol
    • Here is the link to the Oticon Phone compatibility Guide: Oticon Compatibility Guide
    • Hands-Free Communication to iPhone/iPad with IOS 15.2 and later:
  • Hands-Free communication: accept/reject a phone call using any button on the hearing aid.
  • Hands free communication can be turned OFF: Triple click home button OR swipe down and click on the hearing aid icon on control centre à select ‘input options’ à select ‘OFF.’

Oticon Companion App

  • Combines Oticon ON and Oticon Remote Care
  • Compatible with all Oticon hearing devices that have 2.4 GHz technology.
  • Additional new Features: App Troubleshooting guides, Important News, and SpeechBooster (extra noise reduction)


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