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Oticon Ruby 1 miniRITE Hearing Aid

From $1,875.00

Oticon Ruby 1 miniRITE  hearing aid is a great entry level hearing aid that provides excellent sound quality, clarity and high end audio streaming. It is the smallest model in the family.

Hearing aids include:

  • 3 years of warranty (5 Years on Select Models)
  • 1 Year of Unlimited Services ~ Hearing Test, Fitting & Follow Ups as required.
  • 1 Year of Insurance for Loss and Damage Beyond Repair*
  • Lowest Price Guarantee (5% Price Beat Guarantee)
  • 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee


Oticon Ruby 1 miniRITE Hearing Aid

The most petite and discrete form the Oticon Ruby hearing aids come in, is the Ruby miniRITE (Shown below). It has a single push button on each device rather than a rocker switch and takes a size 312 disposable battery.

Ruby 1 represent excellent value for an entry level hearing aids as they possess many high end featured usually reserved for Oticon’s latest flagship range. For example they possess 48 digital processing channels and an 8KHz bandwidth, the same capacities as their Advanced models (second from top). Also, they are available in both rechargeable and non-rechargeable models. All water resistant with an ingress protection rating of IP68.

Ruby Styles:

Ruby comes in three miniRITE styles (mini Receiver In The Ear). This is where sound is delivered into the ear canal by a miniature receiver or speaker unit positioned in the ear canal.

Three miniRITE styles

  • Ruby miniRITE T (312 disposable battery)
  • Ruby miniRITE R (Rechargeable battery)
  • Ruby miniRITE (312 disposable battery) – is the smallest and has a single push-button, whereas the others have a rocker switch.

Two Ruby miniBTE styles include (Right of image)

  • Ruby BTE and
  • Ruby BTE PP (Power Plus).

These two behind the ear styles provide slightly more power to fit more severe hearing losses. They use a custom fitting ear mould or thin tubing to convey the sound into the ear canal.

Technology Levels

Ruby 1 has the more sophisticated feature set designed to improve listening comfort in background noise over Ruby 2.

Features: Oticon Ruby has the following features to enhance speech understanding and listening comfort:

  • Noise Reduction LX reduces background noise interference, even between words
  • Speech Rescue LX – a form of frequency traspostion. It copies the higher frequency speech cues and represents them at a lower frequency range where the hearing sensitivity is often stronger. This helps preserve speech cues that may otherwise be undetectable. Especially helpful with steeply sloping high frequency hearing loss.
  • Multiband Adaptive Directionality LX – Adjusts the microphone focal patterns in various frequency bands to steer away from dominant noise in the environment whilst maintaining focus on important speech signals.
  • Wind Noise Management – Reduces wind turbulence sounds to improve hearing speech in windy environments
  • Single Compression LX – moves speech sounds into a more audible range related to your hearing levels
  • Feedback SuperShield – Prevents feedback or whistling sounds from even getting started. It works together with the feedback shield LX. (only available in Ruby 1)
  • Tinnitus SoundSupport – presentation of sounds to provide relief for patients experiencingtinnitus

Stream Phone Calls and Media

You can stream high fidelity phone calls and media with the 2.4GHz bluetooth low energy connection. You can also pair Ruby hearing aids with Oticon TV Adapter 3.0 for high quality Audio streaming of TV shows, even whilst moving around your home.

Oticon On or Companion App

Although Ruby hearing aids automatically adjust from one environment to another, the Oticon On or Companion App gives you the flexibility to personally adjust them as required. You can easily adjust the volume, change programs to ones best suited to specific listening environments. There is even a hearing aid finder feature is you misplace them.

Compatible Accessories.

Ruby is compatible with Oticon’s popular accessories including: The Oticon TV Adapter,  Oticon Remote Control, Connect Clip and Partner Mic.

Remote Care

The Oticon On app also allows you to connect to your hearing healthcare provider through RemoteCare. Basic adjustments and fine-tuning for your hearing aids can be completed via virtual appointments from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Oticon Ruby hearing aid Price: Oticon Ruby is a budget friendly option


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