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Phonak Hearing Aid Domes 4.0


Phonak hearing aid domes 4.0 are the latest domes to suit Phonak 4.0 receivers. They suit Phonak Lumity, Paradise and Marvel hearing aids.


Phonak Hearing Aid Domes 4.0

The Phonak Hearing Aid Domes 4.0 are the acoustic coupling of Phonak hearing aid receivers to your ears. They form a very important part of the sound delivery system to you ear and so the correct type and size is necessary for optimal hearing aid performance, physical comfort and security on your ears. Your hearing care professional can advise you on the  most suitable style and size.


They are compatible with the following Phonak RIC Models:

  • Phonak Lumity
  • Paradise
  • Phonak Marvel. They are also compatible with Unitron hearing aids.

Technical Information:

  • Made from Medical Grade Silicone.
  • Number/pack10 hearing aid domes per packet.
  • Colour: Smokey Grey
  • Sizes: Small, Medium and Large 
  • Types/Variations: OpenVented and Power (All come in Small, Medium & Large)

The right Type and Size of dome you select is very important for optimal hearing aid performance. Careful selection should be guided by your hearing care professional as the type and size will directly affect:

  • Required Amplification (balance of bass to treble amplification)
  • Sound Quality
  • Physical comfort in your ears.
  • Security of the hearing aids on/in your ears.

So the right type and size of hearing aid dome forms an important part of the hearing aid prescription. They need to be a comfortable, secure fit to your unique ear canals anatomy.

How frequently should I change my hearing aid domes?

How frequently you need to change your domes comes down to the law of individual differences. As a general rule it is a good idea to change your domes over for fresh ones about once a month or at most every second month. This is to help keep them clean and hygienic and to reduce the risk of wax and debris clogging up the small pores that are beneath the tiny silicone hood and compromising the hearing aid performance.

If you ear canals produce a lot of soft sticky wax you may have to change them over more regularly, even weekly. It is best to replace them rather than trying to clean and reuse them as you won’t always be able to remove all the wax and debris from inside the tiny pores/holes that allow the sound through and if they are blocking up the sound delivery will be affected.

Hearing aid domes come in different shapes and sizes to ensure a snug and comfortable fit, accommodating the unique twists and turns of your unique ear canal.

So the correct acoustic coupling of hearing aid to your ear is essential for optimal performance, comfort and security.


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