Signia Connexx Hearing Aid Click Domes


Signia Connexx Click domes are compatible with Signia and Rexton hearing aids. They optimise your hearing aids for acoustic performance, security and comfort.


Signia Connexx hearing aid click domes are suitable for Sigina RIC hearing aids and Signia Silk. They are made from medical grade silicone coverings that enable your hearing aids to remain comfortably positioned in your ear canals. The correct size and type is vital to optimise acoustic performance, comfort and to protect the receiver (speaker unit) of your hearing aid.

Connexx Click domes are compatible with Signia, Siemens and Rexton hearing aids. Like a ball and socket joint the domes have a plastic centre socket that interlocks with the tip of the receiver. With a tactile “Click”they snap securely  onto the tip of the hearing aid receiver. So as to minimise the risk of the accidentally coming off into your ear canal. It is important to routinely exchange your click domes and Connexx miniReceiver Wax Guards (Approximately every 2nd month), or as soon as your hearing aid has stopped working.


  • Easy to wipe and brush clean
  • Fastens securely to hearing aid
  • Medical-grade silicone material
  • There are 6 domes per pack

Signia provide cosmetically appealing and secure “click domes.” With a tactile click you will know your new Signia domes are secured to your hearing aid receivers.  They come in various sizes and styles to be acoustically optimised for your hearing levels and ear canal size. Your Audiologist can guide the optimal fitting.


  •  Six Hearing Aids domes per packet
  • Dome Sizes: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 10/12mm
  • Dome Styles : Open, Semi Open, Closed, Double (Power Domes)
  • Suitable for Signia Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) and Open fitting style hearing aids such as the Signia Silk X hearing aid

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What are hearing aid domes?

Hearing aid domes are the small bell or mushroom shaped pieces that attach to the tip of your hearing aid receiver (speaker unit). Oticon domes are made from flexible non-allergenic silicone.

The hearing aid dome forms part of the sound delivery system into your ear canal. They centre the receiver in the ear canal and help protect the it from wax and debris ingress.

How frequently should I change my hearing aid domes?

How frequently you need to change your domes and wax filters comes down to the law of individual differences. As a general rule, it is a good idea to change your domes over for new ones about once every second month. This helps keep them clean and hygienic and the hearing aid working properly.  Wax and debris gradually build up in the tiny pores through which the sound is delivered and this can compromise the hearing aid performance.

If you ear canals produce a lot of soft sticky wax you may have to change them over more regularly, even weekly. It is best to replace them rather than trying to clean and reuse them as you won’t always be able to remove all the wax and debris from inside the tiny pores/holes that allow the sound through. If they are blocking up, even partially the sound delivery will be affected.

So the correct acoustic coupling of hearing aid to your ear (the dome) is fundamental for optimal performance, comfort and security. Your hearing care professional can advise you on the  most suitable style and size.

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Size & Style

4mm open, 8mm open, 10mm open, Semi-Open, 6mm closed, 8mm closed, 10mm closed, 8/10mm double, 10/12mm double