Signia Pure Charge & Go 7 IX Rechargeable hearing aid

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Signia Pure Charge & Go 7 IX hearing aids provide exceptional speech clarity even in challenging social environments with multiple moving speakers. Signia’s Pure 7 IX is the top of the line or Premium model with features to maximise speech understanding and acoustic comfort in the most diverse range of environments.

Hearing aids include:

  • 3 years of warranty (5 Years on Select Models)
  • 1 Year of Unlimited Services ~ Hearing Test, Fitting & Follow Ups as required.
  • 1 Year of Insurance for Loss and Damage Beyond Repair*
  • Lowest Price Guarantee (5% Price Beat Guarantee)
  • 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
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The Signia Pure Charge & Go IX hearing aids were released onto the Australian market in October 2023. They have been developed to enable you to follow conversation with multiple speakers as they move around you. This is made possible with “Real Conversation Enhancement”  technology facilitated by the new Integrated Experience (IX) chip platform. As a Receiver In The Canal (RIC) style of hearing aid, they have a powerful amplifier they can be fitted with three power levels of receiver (speaker unit). So they have a broad fitting range and are suitable for people with a mild right though to a profound levels of hearing loss. Signia’s Pure 7 IX is the top of the line or premium model in the family.

Signia IX Integrated Experience

Following speech with multiple talkers in background noise has never been easier. This analyses, augments ands adapts the dynamic flow of conversations. The multi band adaptive directional microphones accurately pinpoint multiple moving speakers. So the hearing aids detect who you are speaking with, lock onto and track their moment by updating their microphone positioning one thousand times per second. They boost and highlight each persons speech from the background noise enabling you to more easily follow the conversation even in complex environments with multiple speakers in background noise.

Signia claims that 95% of wearers show improved performance in group conversations.

Ample Power for a Full Waking Day of Wear

Signia Pure Charge & Go feature a potent lithium ion rechargeable battery to give you ample power to hear well beyond a waking day of wear. The Pure IX gives you up to 24 hours and the Pure TIX which also features a tele-coil provides up to an incredible 36 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Three Quality Signia Chargers to Choose from:

  1. Signia Standard DeskTop Charger

The Standard DeskTop Charger provides a convenient reliable desktop charging. Two bright LED lights lets you know their connection status. The Pure Standard Charger IX can be plugged into the mains power via the supplied adapter or into a USB port.

2. Signia Pure Portable Charger 

The Signia Pure Portable Charger is a small light weight charger that will sit comfortably and safely in your pocket or purse. The built-in rechargeable battery within the this charger provides three additional charge cycles for the Pure IX hearing aids before it too needs recharging via the mains power supply. Bright LED lights indicate that the hearing aids are correctly docked for effective charging.

3. Signia Pure Dry & Clean Charger 

This ultimate charger not only charges your hearing aids, but also circulates warm air to dehumidify the aids. A full drying cycle take 15 minutes. During this process UV-C lights act to sterilise/clean the hearing aids. These cycles take place automatically upon placing the hearing aids in the charging dock. The lid protects the hearing aids whilst ensuring effective drying is taking place.


Tailored to your hearing experien


A user-friendly mobile app allows you to adjust settings to your unique hearing needs, making every conversation count.

So whether you are conversing in a noisy restaurant, cafe or office environment you will be able to follow the conversation with minimal listening effort.

To achieve this they use multi-directional, bilateral beam forming microphones.

Integrated Experience Chip Platform:

The new Signia Integrated Experience IX chip platform uses Real Time Conversation  Enhancement Technology to analyse 192,000 data points per second related to the environment. They are capable of accurately pinpointing and tracking multiple moving speakers in real time. This ensures speech is prominent and that the environment feels dynamic and immersive.

Own Voice Processing (OVP) 2.0

During the fitting process your hearing care professional can use the fitting software to run an analysis of your own voice (hearing aid wearers voice). The hearing aids will then cancel down the wearers own voice when they are talking, but maintain appropriate amplification of other people’s speech. This can reduce the invasiveness of the hearing aid wearers own voice if it is an issue.  However, most people readily adapt to the sound of their own voice.

Notch Therapy for Tinnitus

Most often the amplification alone provided by hearing aids is enough to inhibit the perception of tinnitus. However, Notch therapy can be implemented by your hearing care professional and may help inhibit tinnitus further.

Signia App

For easy adjustability of volume and programs the Signia App can provide that ready access.

 Forward Compatible with Aura Cast

Being positioned deeper in you ear canal gives numerous advantages above an beyond discretion. They make use of the natural shape of the ear (Pinna/Auricle) to direct sound into the canal and preserve the natural forward emphasise and inter ear timing and intensity speech cues. The microphones are more tucked away from wind turbulence. They are also well position for the taking of phone calls and listening to music.

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Three Top Tier Technology Levels & Features

Signia Silk Charge & Go 7IX is the Premium or Top of the line model which possesses a feature set designed to provides the best clarity and listening comfort in challenging acoustic environments. There is then the Advanced Silk Charge and Go 5IX and then what is considered mid-range 3IX. The following table summarises the  feature differences of the three tiers of technology.


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